Squares Game

Here is a fun game that I got out of an old Family Home Evening Book. This can easily be used for any Sharing Time. All you have to do is print out the cards and come up with some questions that has to do with the topic you’re teaching about.

Before Primary:
-Print out the 2 ‘Squares’ game grids onto cardstock. (Click here to print.)
-Make up 25 markers, and label them: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5,
  etc. (until E5). Place the markers into a small container, so they can be drawn out one at a time.
-Beans, Pennies, Buttons, etc. to mark off their squares
-Questions to ask the children
There are 2 different ways you could play this:
Split the primary into 2 teams. Have the each team sit in a circle, so that each member of the team can see their team’s card, and so that they can discuss the questions.

Hand each team their card. Explain to the children that you will be asking a question and then each team must decide on an answer and write it down (or tell it to a team leader). Have each team read their answer out loud. Then draw one of the markers from the container. If a team answered the question correctly, and their square was a positive object, they receive the appropriate points. If a negative object is in the square, they do not lose any points because they answered the question correctly.

If a team answers the question incorrectly, they receive no points for a positive square, and they receive the appropriate minus points for a negative square.

Add up each of the teams points as the game continues.

Idea #2
For this idea, you could play it like ‘battleship’. Split the children into 2 teams. Hand each team a grid/card. Choose one team to go first and ask them a question.

If answered correctly, the team gets to choose a coordinate (i.e.- A1, D5, C3). But the coordinate isn’t for their grid, it will be for the opposing team’s grid. Have the team say the coordinate out loud. The opposing team will then find the square that they have chosen. If it is a positive square, the will receive the appropriate points. If they pick a negative square, they will have the appropriate points taken away from their total score. Once they new score is added up, the other team will be asked a question.

If they do not answer the question correctly, they do not get to choose a square, and then it is the other teams turn.

Give each team a bag of pennies, beans, buttons, etc. to mark their grids.

Keep score of each team, at the end add up the scores and see who the winner is!


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