{Sharing Time} August 2016 Week 4: Reading, Watching, and Listening to Wholesome Things Keeps My Mind Clean

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2016 Outline

Introduce the doctrine: Show the children two glasses, one with dirty water and one with clean water. Ask the children which one they would rather drink and why. Tell the children that our minds are like the glasses, and we should put only clean and good things in them. Write the following sentence on the board, and have the children say it with you: “Reading, watching, and listening to wholesome things keeps my mind clean.” Consider teaching the children simple hand actions to help them remember the sentence. For example, for the word reading, put your hands out like you are holding a book; for the word watching, point to your eye; for listening, cup your hand around your ear; and for mind, point to your forehead. Repeat the sentence several times, substituting the actions for the words.

Encourage understanding: Show the children a picture of Jesus Christ with children, and ask them to look at it for a few seconds. Cover the picture and ask the children to tell you details they remember about it. Help the children understand that we remember the things we see. Explain that when we fill our minds with good things we also think of good things. Show the picture again, and have the children sing “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (CS, 74–75). Ask the children to share how the song makes them feel. Explain that listening to good music helps us feel the Spirit and keeps our minds clean.


Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Here is a fun Sharing Time idea to teach this week’s Sharing Time lesson. I used the word ‘CLEAN’ from the outline and came up with a fun ‘sponge toss’ game. This will be a fun Sharing Time, but will teach the children the importance of reading, watching, and listening to wholesome things.

August 2016 Sharing Time idea

I love the ‘glasses’ idea given in the outline, so that would be a great way to begin your Sharing Time lesson. Explain to the children that our minds are like the glasses, and we should put only clean and good things in them. Write the following sentence on the board, and have the children say it with you: “Reading, watching, and listening to wholesome things keeps my mind clean.”

You could also have two glasses of clear and clean water. You could invite children things that could make our minds dirty. As they share their ideas add a drop off food coloring or a spoonful of dirt. After a few answers show the children the glasses, and discuss putting only ‘clean’ things in our minds.

When I read the idea in the outline the word ‘clean’ stuck out to me. I thought it would be fun and entertaining if you came into the room with yellow gloves, a bucket of cleaning supplies, etc. You could even add a little dirt on your face. 🙂

Explain to the children that today you are going to discuss keeping our minds ‘clean’, and to help you out…you have brought some special cleaning supplies.



At the front of the room you will have a poster or chalkboard with a large face of a little boy or girl (printable included). At the front of the room you will have 3 buckets, and on each bucket you will have a picture to represent (read, watch, listen). You could have pictures or simply have the words attached to the buckets. Inside each of the buckets will be scenarios/phrases.

I have created scenarios and statements for this game. Print each page out, and then separate them into the appropriate category (Read, Watch Listen). For this game you will also need a sponge for the children to toss into the buckets…this goes along with my ‘clean’ theme. 🙂


Invite a child up to the front and explain to them that they are going to be tossing a ‘special cleaning sponge’ into one of the buckets.

Then have the child choose a piece of paper (scenario) from the bucket that the sponge landed in. Have the child read the scenario or phrase aloud, and decide if it is something that would help keep their mind clean. If it does have them attach it by the picture of the child’s face. If it’s something that would make it dirty you could throw it out!

I have also included some little ‘phrase’ bubbles with different things we read, watch, or listen to: i.e. Scriptures, Television, Radio, etc.

If a child picks one of these you can elaborate a little more or let them decide and then explain why they chose whether it was good or bad. Obviously some of these could go either way. This would be perfect to explain that we need to be very careful about the shows we watch on T.V. or the songs we listen to. Although there are some shows or songs that are good and uplifting, there are others that will cause us not to have a clean mind.

Continue until all the scenarios/statements have been chosen or until time runs out.



I thought it would be fun to incorporate your glasses from the beginning of the lesson. You will need to have 2 posters and 2 faces (one for each glass). Have the clean glass and one face on one end of the table and another face with the cloudy glass on the other side of the table.

As the children throw the sponge into the buckets, have them place the scenario/statement they chose by the appropriate face. You can ask if that scenario would keep their mind clean or not.


Click HERE to print my August 2016 Sharing Time Clean Mind printables!


I hope you enjoy this week’s Sharing Time, and are able to use it for your Sharing Time lesson. I would love to hear if you do, so leave me a comment letting me know. What are you planning for this week?

Here is my idea that I shared back in 2011 for the same theme!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day and a great Sharing Time!



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  1. Cheryl Weech

    Your ideas are amazing!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing!!!! I really appreciate all your time, creativity, thoughtfulness and hard work!!

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    Thank you so much for your ideas for 4th week Sunday. You’re ideas are most appreciated.

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    I was just called into the Primary Presidency in my ward, and I have to teach sharing time for the first time today. Your lesson ideas are super helpful! Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela! I’m so glad that you liked the ideas. Hope your lesson went well. 🙂