Book of Mormon Book Worms

At our ‘Book of Mormon Time Travelers’ Quarterly activity, we gave the children a Book of Mormon Challenge. The children were asked to read the Book of Mormon for 30 days.
We gave each child a calendar that they could mark off every time they read. We told them that if they read for 30 days, they would get a special treat.

Well, we promised them a special treat, but we couldn’t think of anything. At one of our presidency meetings we were discussing the treat that we would be giving to each child that read the Book of Mormon. The 1st counselor had the idea of giving them a book mark. Then the idea hit me….yeah, they can be Book of Mormon book worms!! We thought of making our own book marks that had a worm on it, but we decided to just buy some. We decided to give them a book mark and a bag of gummy worms with a little note attached that said, ‘I’m a Book of Mormon book worm!’

I got some cute scrapbooking paper (I saw some dirt paper that I wish I would have used). I used red cardstock to print the note onto. And then I found some cute little worms (from Microsoft Word) to cut out and attach to the note.
I found some long skinny cellaphane bags (I had some extras to use for my Father’s Day Tie treats) and filled them with gummy worms and a book mark.
I punched a hole in the top corner of the note and attached it to the bag of worms with some green curly ribbon.
The children that received this special treat loved it.
Another idea you could do: make a cute book mark that says ‘I’m a Book of Mormon book worm!’ Give that to the children along with a dirt & worms cupcake: Chocolate cupcake with frosting, crushed oreos (dirt), and gummy worms.

Click here to view my Book Worm note and the worms. 


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  1. very cute idea! do you mind if we use this for our upcoming primary activity? also in my internet search it seams i saw a book of mormon reading chart in the shape of a book worm. was that on your blog? or do you know where i can find it? thanks so much!!