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Hi everyone, it’s Valerie from Occasionally Crafty! I am visiting today with another helpful printable you can use for your Sunday meetings!

weekly announcement sheet free printable

Now that we it’s a new year, and we are on the 2 hour meeting schedule, things like weekly announcements have been either discontinued or severely limited. Our presidency has realized that we needed to revisit how we get the announcements to all our sisters. No matter what we do, we struggle reaching all the sisters. Does anyone else struggle with this?

After some discussion, we decided to try to reach the sisters in as many was as we can. Here’s our new plan:

  1. Send announcements in a weekly email
  2. Put an announcement post on our Relief Society Facebook group.
  3. Pass around a clipboard each Sunday with written announcements.

We figured sisters who, for whatever reason, don’t use Facebook or email still need a way to find out what’s happening. So, I created this printable announcement sheet I can fill in and attach to a clipboard. We then copy it and send one to Primary and Nursery and then two to either Sunday School or Relief Society and Young Women, depending on the week. We also include newsletters or activity fliers on the clipboard so the women will always know what’s going on in our ward.

second hour announcement sheet

I thought it might be helpful for someone else, so I’ve made it a free download for you! If you end up using it for your group somehow, I’d love to hear about it!

Download your free printable announcement sheet here!

How are you handling announcements for your organizations? How do you make sure you reach as many people as possible?

Thanks as always for stopping by, and let me know in the comments below what other things might be helpful for you this new year!

Valerie Earnest

Valerie Earnest

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Valerie Earnest
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