Printable Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda

Help keep your presidency meeting on track with this printable Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda!

Hey all, it’s Valerie from Occasionally Crafty, and today we’re talking about presidency meetings!  Ladies, I absolutely believe in keeping meetings short and sweet. It doesn’t always happen, but I always try! Help keep your presidency meeting on track by using this Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda!

I created this agenda in a way that works for my presidency. So, I thought I’d also give you a peek into how our presidency meetings run. First, we start with an opening prayer, a spiritual thought, and usually some handbook training from Handbook 2. Those assignments rotate each meeting.

We then briefly review anything on the calendar. Then, we have each member of the presidency discuss their responsibilities. Sometimes this is short, and sometimes we spend a lot of time here.

We then go over any special concerns with the sisters in our ward. We talk about any visits made since the last meeting, and discuss who might need a visit that week.  

Everyone can note their specific assignments in the “My Tasks” section of the agenda to easily find later.

We finish by setting our next meeting date and ending with a closing prayer.

Obviously sometimes we have other items we need to discuss, and I’ll add those in as needed.  But generally, sticking to this agenda helps us get through our meetings in a timely and organized fashion.  



 CLICK HERE to download a PDF of my Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda (AS IS).


If you want to be able to change it as you go

CLICK HERE to download a Publisher file you can edit.


For the Publisher File, you will need to purchase and download the font “Buddy Mac” if you want it to look just like this (but for $2, it’s a great deal!  I use this font all the time!) I also used the font So Fontsy for the “My Tasks” section, but that one is free to download!

Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda Printable

Do you use an agenda for meetings?  Share your biggest time-saving tips in the comments so we can all keep those meetings on task!

I hope you enjoy this Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda and use it for your next Relief Society Presidency meeting. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Valerie Earnest

Valerie Earnest

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