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Hi everyone-it’s Valerie from Occasionally Crafty.  How is ministering going in your ward? We are knee deep in conducting our ministering interviews. I was a little nervous about them, but the sisters have really embraced them!

Sister Bingham counseled us not to just hand out slips of paper with ministering assignments on them. Plus, we do make changes much more often. People move in and out, or other needs require changes.  We rely heavily on the LDS Tools app and individual calls/emails to let our sisters know of these changes. Still, we have many sisters who don’t use technology AT ALL, and we will still have times where we want to hand out a written copy of their assignments.

So, I created this Minstering Assignment Handout for those times you need a written copy to pass out!

The Young Women in our ward especially liked receiving these as their first “official” assignments to be ministering sisters.

You can download my Ministering Assignment Handout here.

Your secretary or ministering secretary can fill in assignments by hand.  Or, to fill it in digitally, use a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat, or for a free version, try PDFescape to fill it in online.

Then, print it out, cut in half, and hand out to those who need a paper copy of their assignments.

In our ministering interviews, we are learning so much about the many acts of service the sisters perform for each other. Also, we found several needs we didn’t know were there.  Our biggest challenge is reaching out to the many inactive sisters in our ward, as people find it hard to reach out to people they’ve never met. Still, I’m really encouraged to see the progress our sisters have made as they learn to better care for their sisters.  What is your biggest ministering challenge?

If you use these for your Relief Society, please take a minute and leave a comment to let me know! Or, post a pic on Instagram and tag me (@occasionally_crafty).  I love when something I create can be helpful for you!

Valerie Earnest

Valerie Earnest

Valerie is a crafter, an avid reader, and lover of all things music. A former high school band director, Valerie now works as a blogger and piano teacher. Valerie and her husband have three children and are enjoying life in the Midwest after 16 years in Phoenix. Check out Valerie’s blog,, where you’ll find plenty of simple but beautiful crafts, printables, and home decor projects even the busiest woman can do!

Valerie Earnest
Valerie Earnest

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  1. Debbie Benson

    This is great – thank you so much!!

  2. Alli

    This is so great! Could I make a suggestion? With working with the Elder’s Quorum president it would be useful if the sisters knew who their Ministering Brethern are as well. This could possibly go where those dots are below just copied twice. Many of our sisters have the issue of not knowing who their ministering brethren are and this would be perfect to rectify this issue. 🙂 Thank you so much!!