“Make Her Day Brighter” Ministering Quote Cards

Sometimes all it takes is a small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day.  Print out or text a picture of these Ministering Quote Cards and show someone you care!

Ministering Quote Cards

Hi everyone! I’m Valerie, from Occasionally Crafty and I have a confession: sometimes I feel pretty alone at church.  I moved to my town just over 2 years ago, and while I know a lot of people through my callings, I don’t really have any close friends.  Sometimes I feel sad thinking of the people I left behind.  I also struggle in my calling as Relief Society president; I feel completely inadequate and often feel out of place.  Sometimes I don’t even want to go to church because those feelings overwhelm me.

A sweet sister in my ward stopped and gave me a hug one Sunday, and as I pulled away she slipped a piece of paper in my hand, smiled, and walked away.  I unfolded it to find a simple statement: “You are loved”.  In that moment, I DID feel loved.  I felt a little less lonely.

I thought, what a great idea to share an inspirational thought with someone! It is a great way to minister to others–not only for your ministering sisters, but just for anyone in need of a little smile or comfort.

Ministering Cards Printable Handout

So, I put together a sheet of some of my favorite quotes from General Conference that you could print out and pass out when appropriate. I also included some blank ones so you can add your own quotes. Or, download the images and send a picture text, or use social media to share it with someone. 

Ministering Card Small Simple Things


Download your Ministering Quote Cards here!


Wouldn’t the world shine a little brighter if we all reached out to those around us and noticed those who are struggling (even those who put a good face on it?)

Show me how you use your Ministering Quote Cards!  Tag me on Instagram (@occasionally_crafty) or leave me a comment telling me all about it! Have a great week!

Valerie Earnest

Valerie Earnest

Valerie is a crafter, an avid reader, and lover of all things music. A former high school band director, Valerie now works as a blogger and piano teacher. Valerie and her husband have three children and are enjoying life in the Midwest after 16 years in Phoenix. Check out Valerie’s blog, OccasionallyCrafty.com, where you’ll find plenty of simple but beautiful crafts, printables, and home decor projects even the busiest woman can do!
Valerie Earnest
Valerie Earnest

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