LDS Ministering Interview Binder Sheets

Help organize your Quarterly Ministering Interview feedback with these printable LDS Ministering Interview Binder Sheets!

Hey all- this is Valerie from Occasionally Crafty back again with another great Relief Society idea and printable.  Were you all blown away by General Conference like I was?  As a Relief Society President, I’m especially excited for the changes to Home and Visiting Teaching.  As President Holland noted, the sisters have already been focusing on ministering to great success. Still, taking away the monthly reporting and focusing more on really meeting our sisters’ needs is a much-needed change!

Relief Society Ministering Interview Binder

However, my ward has over 250 sisters! I felt a bit overwhelmed thinking about keeping track of all the information we will learn from our many ministering interviews.  Based on feedback in several Facebook groups I’m in, I’m not alone in feeling this way. So, I pulled up my computer and started working on a solution.


LDS Ministering Interview Binder Sheets

If you’re old-fashioned like me and like to take hand-written notes, then these Quarterly Ministering Interview Binder Sheets are just what you need!


I wrote up some sample interview questions that will help focus your quarterly interviews. Of course, the Spirit should guide you in asking further questions, but at least this will get you started.


Next, I included a sheet where you can take notes for these interviews. You can also print and give to those who are unable to attend a ministering interview.


It’s helpful for me to put all the information in one place to take to the leadership interviews with the Elders Quorum president and bishop.  Rather than sort through 50 pages of interview notes, I can have all the information together.


Finally, I included a place to take notes and write action items that will result from those quarterly leadership meetings.  It does no good to find out what needs our sisters have if we don’t make a plan to do something about it!

I made a version for the Elders Quorum Presidency to use as well, so if you know anyone who would benefit from this binder, send him over!



Click the desired link(s) below to download.

Download your Quarterly Ministering Interview Relief Society Binder here.


Download your Quarterly Ministering Interview Elders Quorum Binder here.


I hope this helps aid your efforts to minister to your sisters moving forward!  I’m excited for our ward to catch the vision of ministering and truly help each other progress in building God’s kingdom!

I’d love to hear if you use my LDS Ministering Interview Binder Sheets, so leave a comment letting Sheena and I know. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

Valerie Earnest

Valerie Earnest

Valerie is a crafter, an avid reader, and lover of all things music. A former high school band director, Valerie now works as a blogger and piano teacher. Valerie and her husband have three children and are enjoying life in the Midwest after 16 years in Phoenix. Check out Valerie’s blog,, where you’ll find plenty of simple but beautiful crafts, printables, and home decor projects even the busiest woman can do!

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  1. Merania

    Hi, your binder is adorable. Is there any way for us to write our own questions? I want to include the questions that the General Authorities have suggested we ask the members we are interviewing along with the questions you have listed.


    1. Valerie Earnest

      I have a Publisher file I’d be happy to send to you that you can edit- email me at
      – Valerie

      1. Amber

        Id like an editors file too please.
        Thabk you for sharing your talents with us.

      2. Kristen

        These are so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents with us!!!

        I’d also like an editors file, please!!!!

        1. Paula Paulson

          hELLO! Please email me the editors file too. Thx for your great ideas.

      3. Vonda Webb

        Your Ministering Interview Binder sheets are amazing! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea.
        I would also like an editor’s file, please.

      4. Alex

        My ward has really appreciated these printables you created.
        I would also like an editors file of the Relief Society and Elders Quorum Binders.
        We are wanting to have a page were the four quarterly reports for an individual/family are on the same page for easier reference.
        Thank you!

      5. Cathy

        Hi Valerie could you send me the file to edit and include the questions we are asked to include from Church Leaders.
        Thank you,

      6. Brontë Rivera

        These are awesome! I’d love an editor’s file of the relief society ministering templates 🙂

      7. Jen

        These are beautiful, thank you for sharing. Could I also get the publisher file?

  2. Debbie

    Thank you so much for these helps. And they are so pretty too! It will make the interviews much easier and having a record of the interview is so helpful.

    1. Valerie Earnest

      Thanks Debbie!

  3. J Lewis

    One of the questions would make more sense to me if it said, Do you have anyone who will not let YOU visit THEM? (Instead of “let THEM visit YOU”).

    1. Valerie Earnest

      You’re right- that made it past the proofreading somehow! I fixed it. Thanks for paying such close attention to detail.

    2. Julie

      Thanks for changing it. Your printable are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Carol Dyer

    Love the Quarterly Ministering Interview packet. One suggestion from my RS pres. She would like an interview sheet that doesn’t have the questions on it. She said this would allow the guidence of the Spirit, instead of formal questions. She also suggested a page with example questions as well as an overall tracking sheet, but I imagiine the church will come up with one of those.

    1. Valerie Earnest

      I definitely have some ideas for future posts. If you’d like to edit what I have, drop me an email at and I can send you an editable file.

      1. Jackie

        Ho do I download it all for some reason I can’t please help

      2. Brigid York

        Thank you for these wonderful resources. Could I also get an editable file so we can add things as needed? I would greatly appreciate that.

      3. Susan Budge

        Can you send me the file as well? Thanks so much! This is by far the best I have seen out there, and so helpful. thanks for sharing.

  5. Lynn

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much!!

    1. Valerie Earnest

      Thanks Lynn!

  6. Daniela

    Tendria el qyit en español??

  7. Maryfaith Kim

    Wow, they are beautiful. Thank you very much for this helps.
    Is there anyway, I could ask for file so I could edit?

    Thank you!


  8. Yolanda Arguelles

    Hello! I really enjoyed the the binder! Thank you! I will be sending it to the eq president too. I  was wondering if I could get an editable one for both please to add some specific changes?

    Also for the eq one it says “Sister concerns” I wasn’t sure if that was on purpose or not.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  9. Ester

    thanks for this. You are awesome! Thank you very much!

    1. Valerie did a great job on these binder sheets. I’m so glad she shared them. 🙂

  10. M-christine D.

    Merci beaucoup sœur, pour le temps que vous avez consacré à ces documents.
    J’ai montré le Quarterly Ministering Interview Elders Quorum Binder à mon mari qui vient d’être appelé comme Président du Collège des Anciens et il a adopté tout de suite l’idée. Il ne me reste plus qu’à la traduire en français et à organiser l’impression.
    … Et quelle belle présentation dans celui des sœurs !!!!!!
    Puisse le Seigneur vous bénir pour tout les bienfaits que vous apportez dans notre vie.

    1. Valerie Earnest


  11. Blanche Heidt

    This is the most helpful information I have seen for the new Ministering Program. Thank you SO much!!

    On the interview Questions page for Elder’s Quorum it has “Sister Concerns” — that probably is supposed to be “Ministering Concerns”

    This will be wonderful to base our interviews on.

    Thank you AGAIN!!

    1. Valerie Earnest

      Thanks for pointing that out- I should have it fixed now.

  12. Beth

    This is very cute, but I don’t think it’s what they want us to do. We aren’t supposed to be asking “Did you do it and when and how?” We’re supposed to be asking, “How is the Smith family doing? What can you tell me about them?” They will provide us with ways to make an account in August. Will we be able to alter these pages to fit their plan?
    I feel your pain, my RS is the same size. 🤯

    1. Valerie Earnest

      TBH, I made these before the videos and other resources were published online. Nevertheless, these are a good starting point for those who feel lost, and of course people should use the Spirit to direct their interviews. Use what works for you and ignore the rest!

      1. Deb717

        I know more and more information comes out about how this program will go but I appreciate your efforts and talents to make this a more enjoyable and helpful resource. I love these helps.

  13. Jensine

    Love the binder idea to keep track of the ministering interviews. Thank you so much!
    Here are the questions Elder D. Todd Christofferson gave in the video “The Ministering Interview.”
    He stated “The purpose of the interview is to counsel together about the well-being of assigned families and individuals.”
    Questions to ask:
    How are the families and their individual members getting along temporally and spiritually?
    What are their challenges?
    How are those challenges being met and how can we help?
    Are their current efforts and long range plans moving them closer to the Lord?

    “The frequency of ministering interviews will vary considerably but they should occur as often as needed and as circumstances reasonably permit. Once per quarter is a floor—not a ceiling. “

    1. Valerie Earnest

      Thanks for posting these questions where other visitors can see them! Not everyone has watched the videos 🙂

  14. Araceli Baltazar Rosas

    Excelente material me gustaria mucho que lo hicieran en el idioma español. gracias.

  15. Michelle C.

    I have real concerns about creating a document used to outline a member’s strengths, needs, challenges. This type of information is highly personal and subjective …. collecting this type of information should have tight guidelines for how it’s collected, stored, accessed, etc.

    1. Hi Michelle. The idea of ministering is a very new thing for everyone. Valerie created these to help Relief Society presidencies work the kinks out and figure things that work for their presidency. You could take her idea and create a digital version for this specific page or leave it out all together. Valerie isn’t saying you need to do exactly this, she’s just sharing ideas that you can take and change to fit your needs. Thanks. 🙂

    2. Valerie Earnest

      I would add that you are absolutely right to be worried about privacy. However, there can be issues with hacking if you go digital, or carelessness with written notes or digital tracking. It comes down to the individual to carefully protect the information of these families. I would counsel with your bishop about how best to ensure privacy. I just don’t see how you’re going to keep track of all the information gained in quarterly ministering interviews without some sort of record. If this doesn’t work for you, that’s great. I hope you find something that does!

  16. Kerstina

    Thanks from Germany. I just printed it out and will translate it.
    Great idea – exactly what I was looking for.


    1. Valerie Earnest

      Thank you! I’m glad it’s helpful!

  17. Marinda Bush

    These look lovely and I’d love to use them. The download button doesn’t seem to be working. Is that just me or is it missing a link? Thanks

    1. I just emailed the files over, Marinda. Thanks! 🙂

  18. Diane Vranes

    Is every ministering sister interviewed EVERY quarter???

    1. Valerie Earnest

      Yes! It seems overwhelming at first but once you figure it out, it’s totally doable! We divided our companionships into 3 districts. My counselors and I will interview the companionships in our district every quarter. There are lots of ways to do it, but here’s what we are doing: I interview on the 2nd sunday, my 1st counselor interviews on the 3rd Sunday, and my 2nd counselor interviews on the 4th Sunday. We meet with 4-5 companionships on our assigned day, either pulling them out of class (with stake/bishop approval) or right after church. This way it’s not so overwhelming, and we will get through everyone in a quarter without scheduling a whole bunch of extra meetings.

      1. Shauna

        I would love more ideas on how other Presidencies are scheduling these meetings. Since you are doing these during church time, does your ward share a building with another ward and where do you meet if all the rooms are full? We are in the middle of three wards sharing a building and so it would even be hard right after church to find a quiet private place. If anyone is doing this on a week night at the church, do you need priesthood there in the building? Thanks!!

      2. LynnL

        Could you please send me the editable file as well. Thanks for sharing

  19. Michelle Robertson

    Does anyone have any concerns regarding documentation? For example, what if the binder is lost. It seems like even if there are no concerns, there would still be private information included. If I am meeting with the bishopric they ask similar questions but don’t document it.

    Plus I can imagine someone finding a binder years later and making assumptions. I like the idea of a list of questions. Plus if there are concerns or problems that come out of the interviews I think a verbal summary should be given.

    I would think twice about documenting anything more than what we are directed. I know we don’t know exactly what will be submitted but I guarantee it won’t be this detailed.

    I honestly may refuse an interview if I knew it would be documented and shared.

    1. Valerie Earnest

      Again, I have to say you should counsel with your local leaders on this. I don’t know how we could possibly memorize the information we are given about the 250 sisters in our ward without some kind of digital or written record. It won’t be passed on to church headquarters, but I have to pass on all that information to my bishop. I have to meet with 65 sisters a quarter, and each of them has 6-7 people to discuss. I just don’t have that kind of memory. I understand your concern and that is why your bishop will know best how to handle sensitive information. This is just a tool for those who find it will work for them. If it doesn’t work for you, I hope you find something that will.

  20. Georgia Warren

    These are great and will be such a big help I love everything about them
    Thanks you so much for sharing your talents
    Is there any way that there is an editable copy I’d like to add some of the
    questions from the ministering interview video on

    1. Valerie Earnest

      If you haven’t already sent me an email, do so at and I’ll get it sent over. Easier for me keep track that way!

  21. James Bright

    Thank you for allowing me to download vice recreate the wheel.

    Brother Jim B.

  22. Shauna

    This is lovely!

    Can I get a publisher file?

    Thank you!

    1. Valerie Earnest

      If you haven’t already sent me an email, do so at and I’ll get it sent over. Easier for me keep track that way!

      1. Lynn

        This is awesome. Can you please send me an editable copy as well? Thanks for sharing

  23. D4 Elders quorum

    These are awesome!

    1. Thanks! Valerie did such a great job, and so many people have enjoyed using her sheets.

  24. Wendy

    Thank-you for your ideas! It has really helped me organize myself. Could I please get an editable copy? Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Valerie Earnest

      If you haven’t already sent me an email, do so at and I’ll get it sent over. Easier for me keep track that way!

  25. Rachel Jones

    Thank you so much for this, Valerie! It is very helpful. I’ll email my request for an editable file as well. <3

  26. Marisela

    I love your binder. I’m having such a hard time putting something together for our ward because I attend a Spanish ward. Do you have this in Spanish? If not could u please send me the file and I could translate the whole thing.

    1. Valerie Earnest

      I don’t have it in Spanish 🙁 If you haven’t already sent me an email, do so at and I’ll get it sent over. Easier for me keep track that way!

  27. Sister Tauatevalu

    HI Valerie, thank you so much for your creative ideas for the quarterly interview. Can I please have the edit version of the file so I can translate it in my native language? Thank you soooo much!

  28. Deb Kaiser

    Could you please send me the Publisher editable file. Do you have it including the questions that the General Authorities suggested?

  29. Dawn

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. May I also get an editable file please? I just sent you an email ( got your email from the thread).

  30. Lona

    These are very helpful and a great starting point. I would appreciate an editable one for our ward too. You are awesome.

  31. Deena

    Have you been able to come up with a form to use for the scheduling the interviews? My new calling is to get all the ladies scheduled and organized to meet with the RS presidency member and make it most time efficient for both parties as possible….. Any ideas????

  32. Tiffany

    Thanks for putting these together. I am going to use them this evening for our ministering interviews!

  33. Jean

    May I please get an editors files of your ministering binder. A also we have recently called a couple of sisters to be our ministering secretaries. Do you happen to have any ideas/activities that may encourage sisters to attend their ministering interview appointment that the ministering secretaries make be able to oversee? Thank you.

  34. Thank you so much for putting these today; they’re wonderful! I

  35. Temo Nawaqavolau

    I really love the binder have been finding a lot of difficulty in getting organised. Vinaka for the help.

  36. Shannon Wright

    Can you send me the editable publisher file with the interview questions. I need to be able to add questions to it. If there is a charge let me know but i have an important meeting tomorrow and i was hoping to have the sheet completed:,


  37. debbie

    I loved the binder and used@the hole thing but we would like to change some of the questions and have the names printed on the sheets already to go. how can I edit them?

  38. Hi, this is a good work. I have been finding it difficult to know how to organize ministering as a branch president in my branch. This was helpful but need more tips to know to organize it, thanks.

  39. Connie

    Love this booklet I find it really helps during our interviews. Thank you for all the hard work.

  40. Terrie Green

    Thank you so much! This is a new calling for me so your sheets are really helpful.

  41. Lanie Byrom

    This is great thank you so much