General Conference Women’s Session Invitation

Hey Friends! Emily here, from Hey Friend Shop. I’m stopping by today to share a darling General Conference Women’s Session Invitation. I created it for the Relief Society Presidencies of a couple local wards, and knew I needed to share it with you as well. This invitation is perfect for those serving in Relief Society to share with their Sisters and all the girls in their ward! With Conference quickly apporaching, I twisted Sheena’s arm to allow me to pop by again, I hope you don’t mind.

Last week, my sweet Mom was chatting with me about her Relief Society calling. She mentioned how she’d like a cute Invitation for the Women’s Conference Meeting. The Women’s meeting schedule was changed a bit last year, and she really wanted to encourage her sister to attend. So, I got to work and designed a simple, but cute Women’s Session Invite for her. 

Last fall, in the First Presidency of The Church issued a letter, changing The Priesthood Session to once yearly- in the spring. And giving the fall Priesthood Meeting spot to the General Women’s Session- all girls 8 years and older. 

“In an effort to reduce and simplify the work of the Church and the demands made upon leaders and members, Beginning April 2018, both the general priesthood and general women’s sessions of general conference will be held annually, with the priesthood session being held in April and the women’s session being held in October. The meetings will follow the morning and afternoon session of conference on Saturday evening.”



General Conference Women’s Session Invitation (Black & White AND Color)

My mom’s request was something simple, but cute.  She wanted to copy it at the church, and pass out to all the girls 8 and older. So, that’s exactly what I created…. a cute and simple invite. 

There is one download for the Women’s Session Invite. It has 4 different sheets, 2 Black & White Pages and 2 Color Pages. The invite is darling printed on plain colored paper! But, I knew the Color option would be requested too!

Each Option, Color & Black/White has two sheets to choose from, with different “Broadcast” Options. Since LDS General Conference is streamed live from their website @, I included that as an option. 

The second option says “Broadcast @ Your Local Stake Center,” as a reminder to the sisters that the Stake Center is open and showing the Broadcast. Both Broadcast options are included in both COLOR and BLACK & WHITE- all in the same download. 


Download Here: General Conference Women’s Session Invitation

UPDATED: I had several requests for different TIMES and PLACE options after this post was shared. I have ADDED an EDITABLE Invitation, that hopefully will meet all those needs. 

EDITABLE Invitation

  • CLICK on the File BELOW– there is one sheet for COLOR and one for BLACK & WHITE.
  • DOWNLOAD the FILE to your Computer.
  • You need to OPEN the downloaded file in ADOBE ACROBAT if you want to EDIT and have the FONT stay. If the font is changing styles, you are simply viewing it and you are not in ADOBE ACROBAT. 
  • There are only TWO Text Boxes to change- TIME and then LOCATION. If you change it once, the other invites should change as well.
  • After entering your info, it’s ready to PRINT and SHARE.

Download Here: EDITABLE {COLOR} General Conference Women’s Session Invitation

Download Here: EDITABLE {BLACK & WHITE}General Conference Women’s Session Invitation

Download Here: TERMS OF USE

I am excited to attend the General Women’s Broadcast with my sweet mom, and my own daughter! I hope these cute invitations can help spread a reminder to come to this wonderful meeting. I’d love to hear how you use them. Thanks for letting my stop by again! .

Digital Invitation

For all of those that share Invites and Info via Social Media or through texting, I have an option for you too! Just click on the Invite Photo below. When the new screen opens, click to “save as.” Once you’ve saved it on your phone, you can text and share on your ward or stake social media pages!

Emily Clark

Emily Clark

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  1. Oh my goodness. These are the cutest things ever!!!!!!!!!! And is that someone’s handwriting?!?!?!?!?! #talent

    1. Emily Clark

      They are way cute! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Pam Hartley

    This is so neat! Thank you but we live in a different time zone. Our’s needs to say 7:00 pm. Even though it is a pdf it won’t let me edit the time. 🙁

    1. Emily Clark

      Hey Pam! I’m working on an EDITABLE PDF File to share. Would you e-mail me, and I will send it your way to see how it works for you?

  3. Melissa Jarvis

    These are a great idea! Thank you! I have the same problem, as Arizona doen’t do Daylight savings. It will be 5 p.m. for us.

    1. Emily Clark

      Hey Melissa! Send me an e-mail-
      I’ve got an editable version of this invite I’ll have you try and see if works- before I post to share.

  4. Pam Hartley

    Thank you so much for making the editable version for those of us in a different time zone! You are amazing!

    1. Emily Clark

      You are so welcome Pam! Thanks for being patient while I figured out the best way to make it work. Enjoy the General Women’s Session!

  5. Jeannine

    Can the digital one be edited.

    1. Emily Clark

      Hi Jeannine, the Digital File can not be edited. I totally understand the time listed may not work for everyone. I’d be glad to help you do something custom in my ETSY shop if you’d like.

  6. Kristi

    Thank you so much for sharing! You saved me much time! I wish you were in my ward, so I could glean from your expertise! I have no idea how to make cute flyers with all this new technology. Since our ward is meeting at a Sandwich place next to the church first, I had to fit what I could into the two fields you let us change, then physically cut and paste in one more line since I couldn’t figure out how to change the font size to make it fit. Oh, well. It sure looks better than if I’d have done the whole thing myself!

    1. Emily Clark

      You are so welcome! Thanks for the heads up on space- I’ll try and add more room on future projects! Feel free to e-mail me if you are ever needing something. I’m always up for a new project!

  7. ELJ

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Emily Clark

      You are welcome- thanks for stopping by!