Singing Time Dice Chart

Hi friends!  It’s Natalie here from the Little LDS Ideas Creative Team with printables to help with Singing Time all year long.  Keep reading to see the Singing Time Dice Chart I designed to encourage your Primary children to be engaged and involved during Singing Time.

As a newly called Primary President in my ward, I am excited about the changes coming to Primary in 2019.  Singing Time will now be a unique weekly event for children around the world.  I love how Primary songs can simultaneously teach doctrine, bring joy, and invite the Spirit.  

It is important to remember that Primary is still Primary.  The children should still have fun, express their personalities, and leave church feeling happy and loved.  The Singing Time Dice Chart is meant to achieve these purposes and be a help for music leaders throughout the entire year.  The idea is tried and true, but the setup I’ve come up with should make it easy to prepare and carry out. 

Singing Time Dice Chart

The Singing Time Dice Chart is a tool to help teach Primary songs by singing them over and over, but in fun and different ways.  I have provided 24 different ways to sing or actions to do.  You’ll be able to keep the children excited with a different mix every time you use it.  By the end of the year I expect your Primary will have their favorites and you can utilize that to help in getting ready for the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  

How to Sing Tags

  • Balance on One Foot
  • Opera Singer 
  • Pop Star 
  • Country Crooner
  • Lights Off
  • Clap the Beat
  • La La La 
  • March in Place
  • Whistle
  • Hummmmm
  • Invisible Instrument
  • Accapella
  • All Smiles
  • Lead Music
  • Hand Actions
  • Echo
  • Boys Only 
  • Girls Only 
  • Teachers Only 
  • Children Only 
  • Sing Fast
  • Sing Slow
  • Stand and Sing
  • Whisper

The tags should be self explanatory, but if you are unsure how to use one, please leave a comment.  I also love seeing music leaders add their spin to any idea they find.  For example, when I see “Pop Star” I would have my Primary children pretend to use a microphone and perform for their invisible audience.  But another way could be to ask one child to come up and be the “Pop Star” and sing a solo to the rest of the children.  The possibilities are endless!

There are also many options on how to decide which six tags to use.  The music leader could preselect them and have the chart ready to go.  The music leader could fan them out and have six different Primary children pick one at random.  The Primary children could pick favorites or one they’d like to try.  Or you can never go wrong with eenie-meenie-miney-mo!

After the tags are chosen, assign them to one side of a die (1-6).  Then the singing can begin!  Ask a child to roll a die (homemade, store bought, small, large – doesn’t matter) and whatever number comes up decides how the chosen song will be sung.  It’s that easy and that fun!

Preparing the Printables

To prepare your printables you’ll need to print them on cardstock (I suggest printing in color, but printing in black ink on colored cardstock is also great), and cut them out.  I would also recommend laminating them so they stay looking nice.  You can attach the dice charts together through lamination, metal rings, or staples.  You could also just leave them separate and use magnets or pushpins to hold them up.  Then to switch out the ‘ways to sing tags’ you could use tape or velcro stickers.  Since you can switch these out so easily, it would also be fun to challenge your Primary to make their own tags to share!  


Click HERE to Download your Singing Time Dice Chart {in Color}

Click HERE to Download your Singing Time Dice Chart {in B&W}

I hope that this Singing Time Dice Chart will be a fun way to mix things up, a ready made plan for a substitute, or a colorful way to review songs throughout the year.  Be sure to add it to your 2019 Primary Singing Time Printable Planner.  Did I miss some ‘ways to sing’ that your Primary children love?  Comment with them below!  Be sure to tag me and/or Little LDS Ideas on Instagram when you use it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Jessica

    Exactly what I needed this Sunday. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yay! I’m so glad that you used Natalie’s dice and that it was a success. Thanks so much for the comment. 🙂

  2. Holly

    Such a fun and easy way to change things up for singing time. Thank you!