{Printables} “You’re Just ‘Write’ Valentine!”

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
I have been busy getting my children’s Valentines all ready for school. We don’t have school on Friday, so my kiddos have their parties tomorrow!

I had to have them done today, so I sat down and got to work. I have to say I think they turned out great!

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Michael’s and came across a pack of 24 Valentine’s Day pencils. I thought they were great, so I bought two packs and figured we would come up with something for my children’s valentines.
I had seen so many pencil ideas in the past, but hadn’t had a whole lot of time to sit down and actually get to work. Yesterday I started searching Pinterest and saw tons of pencil ideas. There were lots of phrases that included ‘write’ and ‘sharp’, and then I saw some cute Pencil valentines with word finds and mazes. I loved the idea so that is what I decided on.
Lately my children have been in love with tic-tac-toe and word finds. My son’s weekly spelling word practice usually includes us creating a word find for him.
At first I was only going to print one puzzle for each child (half tic-tac-toe and half word finds). But then my darling children said ‘But what if my friends want both puzzles.’
We decided to print the tic-tac-toe game on the front and then printed the word find on the back.
Unfortunately my printer sometimes has issues with feeding the paper in correctly, but for the most part they turned out great and lined up correctly (I dont’ think many 1st or 3rd graders will notice).
We printed them all out…cut them…wrote names…and then attached each pencil with some cute washi tape that I had.
You could also punch a hole and tie the pencil with some twine or ribbon. 
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Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Valentine’s Day!



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