Free LDS Cub Scouts & Activity Days Welcome Tag

Hi there, friend. This is Chrissy from I’m so excited to share these free LDS Activity Days and Cub Scout welcome tags with you!

It’s so easy. Just add these free tags to a bag of fish crackers or gummy candy. Your new troop members or Activity Days girls will feel welcome and loved.


I have been an activity days leader for almost a year now.  I gotta say, it’s one of my favorite callings of all time. It’s a pretty sweet gig. I get to have fun with a bunch of cute and sweet girls and it’s such a small time commitment every month.

And it means so much to the girls. If we miss a week, or when we take time off for the summer, the girls notice and miss it. It’s the combination of activities, learning, and treats that makes activity days both fun and meaningful. These treat tags are a fun addition to your creative arsenal to make kids feel welcome, loved, and included.


Fish seem to be in abundance in the snack world. You can put these welcome tags on fish crackers or on fish gummies, such as Swedish Fish or gummy sharks.

And I don’t know any kid who doesn’t love these treats. And they are really easy to find and relatively inexpensive. These treats are so easy to find; I picked up these treats for the photos from my local convenience store.


When kids have a birthday and get to “move up” in scouts or activity days, they are so excited.  These fish treat tags are a small way to recognize and celebrate their birthday and arrival to your organization. It’s a sure way to bring a smile to any kid’s face!


Sheena and I hope that you can use these free LDS Activity Days and Cub Scout welcome tags as you serve and share your love in cub scouts and activity days.

If you love this idea (and we hope you do!), please share it on your favorite social media platform. We appreciate it so much! Thank you.

Click HERE to download the Cub Scouts Welcome Tag.

Click HERE to download the Activity Days Welcome Tag.

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Chrissy Olsen

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