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Every 2nd Sunday of the month is ‘Faith in God’ Sunday for our Senior Primary children. What that means is we challenge each of the children (8 years +) to complete 1 Faith In God requirement before the end of the month. You can read more about Faith in God Sunday and even print out some Faith in God Sunday challenge cards, HERE!

We started this because we felt that there were many Primary children not completing their Faith in God. To help them out we decided to try something new to see if we could help them get excited about Faith in God. I saw the idea of having a Faith in God Sunday on a Primary Facebook group, and loved it! So far it has been great. Some months they are able to accomplish the requirement as a whole class, YAY! To help ME keep track of who has passed off the requirements, I  use THIS tracker sheet!  You can also use my Faith in God tracker cards that I shared a couple years ago. These would be great to have on a ring in your Primary closet.

Faith in God Tracker Cards

Just print out as many cards as you need and then place them on a ring. On your Faith in God Sunday, ask who completed the requirement and punch their card, or add a sticker, etc.


Faith in God Reward Idea

To help the children get a little more excited about Faith in God we decided to reward them. I know that some of you may disagree with rewarding them, but this is what we discussed as a Presidency and felt that it was ok. You may feel differently, if so…don’t read the next part. 🙂

We wanted to do something different than the usual sugary reward. In February, I was looking for Valentine’s treats and came across these Sticky Hands! My children LOVE sticky hands, and I know that ANY child would love to have their own sticky hand. I knew I could find some way to use them in Primary, so I bought them. After I received them I came up with my idea! I was going to use them as a Faith in God Sunday reward!

I decided to create some cards that said:

“High Five! You ‘stuck’ with it and completed a Faith in God requirement!”

I just attach one of the sticky hands to the card and then pass them out to the children that complete the monthly requirement. Sometimes I don’t mess with the card and just pass the sticky hands out, especially if the entire Sr. Primary has passed off the requirement. 🙂

These have been a huge hit! The children have loved earning these and are always excited for Faith In God Sunday. It’s probably time for me to start thinking of a new Faith in God Reward, though.


Would you like to use my “High Five” Faith in God Reward cards? Just click the link below!

Click HERE to print my Faith in God Reward Cards!

There are 2 pages total! Enjoy!


I hope you enjoy my Faith in God Reward cards as well as those special children in your Ward. If you use them I’d love to hear what you think! And I’d love to hear what you do to reward those who work on their Faith in God.

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  1. Frannie

    Where did you buy the hands? Did you buy them yourself or use the Primary budget?? Seems like it would get pricey really fast.

    1. I found them on Amazon. There is a link in the post. 🙂 You can get 72 hands for $7!

  2. Abi

    Great ideas!

  3. Thank you for sharing your talents! I Skype my grandchildren on Sunday afternoons and we work on their Faith in God Book. This is Great! Can’t wait to send them one! You are the sweetest for sharing without cost….and I appreciate it more than you will every know!!!

    1. What a great idea, Roxanne! What a wonderful Grandmother you are to help them with their Faith in God, and even better to send them little rewards for doing it. Hope they like them. 🙂