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Hi! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share these CTR Fidget Spinners with you!

My girls and I have quite the collection of DIY fidget spinners, and we are loving them! They cost pennies to make (literally, ha!), come together pretty quickly, and are a super fun craft project!

There are two fidget spinner sizes on the printable. The bigger one is perfect for my 8 & 9-year-old daughters, but is too big for my 5-year-old to get a good spin. Since both sizes are included in the printable, you can pick what size you think is best for your kiddos.

And because I am a visual learner, I made a quick little video showing you how these are made. I hope this helps!

There are lots of ways to make fidget spinners. If you don’t have all the supplies I used, you may like these tutorials from Red Ted Art or Draw So Cute. They make their fidget spinners with a toothpick instead of a Q-tip.

There are just so many fun ways to make these little gadgets!  I am showing you the best way I have found to make them so that they spin well, are comfortable, and don’t take very long to make (because I hate waiting for glue to dry!) but feel free to experiment making these with things you have on hand. (Example: instead of a Q-tip, maybe you could use a drinking straw, birthday candle, lollipop stick…anything you have around your house!)


Supplies Used: (affiliate links)

•My CTR fidget spinner printable, printed on cardstock (download the printable below)


3/4 inch circle punch (optional, used to cut out the star circles)

Glue dots (or any other strong, quick-drying craft glue)

Glue gun


Jump Rings (not necessary but I have found they help with the spinning; more on this below)

Small (1/8 inch) hole punch


•Cereal Box


How to make a DIY CTR Fidget Spinner

1.  The first thing you will want to do is print the CTR fidget spinner printable on cardstock. Then just cut out the spinner shapes and 5 CTR circles. (There are more than 5 CTR cirlces on the printable; I just wanted you to have lots of color choices. I’m weird like that.)

I used my 3/4 inch circle punch to cut out the circle dots. I love this little tool! The circles come out so clean and it saves a lot of time.

2.  Cut out a square piece from a cereal box. Using one of the fidget spinners you just cut out, trace the fidget spinner shape on the cereal box. Then cut that fidget spinner out of the cereal box.


3. Make sure your fidget spinners are lined up with cereal box, then glue the fidget spinner to both sides of the cereal box.


4. Using the 1/8 inch hole punch, punch out a hole where indicated on the printable. In addition, you will need to punch out the center of two CTR circles and set them aside. You will use them in a minute.

5. One one side of the fidget spinner, add a glue dot to each of the circles on the fidget spinner. Place a penny on top of the glue dot. (The pennies add weight for momentum while spinning.)

6. Add a glue dot on top of the penny, and place a CTR circle on top of the penny. This just makes it look nice and match the reverse side.


7. Cut off one end of a Q-tip.


8. Place the cut-off end of the Q-tip through the center hole, add a jump ring, and then a CTR circle that has the center punched out.

You don’t have to use a jump ring, but I have found that they seem to spin longer with it. So if you don’t have jump rings, give it try without them and see what you think. If you are not happy with how they spin, next time try adding the jump ring. 🙂

9. Add a glue dot on top of the cut-off Q-tip and CTR circle. This keeps it all together and helps with the next step.


10. Add a big dollop of hot glue right on top of the glue dot that is sitting on the CTR circle. This forms a comfortable little “handle” over the q-tip for your fingers while you spin your fidget spinner.

11. Let the hot glue dry for 8-10 minutes. I found that resting it over a cup works really well.


12. Now you are going to do the same thing to the other side. Cut off the end of the Q-tip. Add a jump ring. Put the CTR circle (with the center punched out) on top, then a glue dot.

13. Add a big pile of hot glue to this side let it dry.


Now give it a good spin! (Don’t pinch the “hot glue handles” too tightly or it won’t work. Just hold it nice and loosely and it should give you a nice spin!)


I hope these CTR fidget spinners bring a lot of fun into your home or church activity! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Click HERE to download the CTR Fidget Spinners printable.


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Thanks so much for stopping by. We’d love to hear if you create your very own CTR Fidget Spinners, so leave us a comment letting us know. Or snap a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! Have a wonderful day.

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