“We’d be Nuts” LDS Primary Thank You Gift Idea

Hello again! I am Shannon, Sheena’s sister. She asked me to post some printables that I have designed for primary. This post is the first. I’ll be posting more soon so check back often.

Are you looking for a simple thank you gift for primary teachers or substitutes? This LDS Primary Thank You Gift Idea is a great way to thank anyone who helps in primary. This free printable reads “We’d be Nuts if we didn’t thank you! Thanks for helping in primary”. In addition, I have included a generic version that says ‘Thanks for your help.’ Use it to thank anyone!

LDS Primary Thank You Gift Idea

Currently, I am a counselor in my ward’s Primary presidency. We need primary substitutes every week, and often they are asked last minute to fill in. I really felt that we needed to thank those who are willing to help, especially those willing to fill in at the last minute. So, I designed several LDS Primary Thank You Gift Ideas. This is one of my favorites.

We’d be Nuts if we didn’t thank you!

Well..you’d be nuts if you don’t print some of these for your primary teachers and subs!

Where did you find the nuts, you might ask? Well..you should be able to find individual packages of nuts or a box of the individual packages at almost any grocery store. Even the grocery store in my small town has them! You can also find them online and have them shipped right to your door. When assembling the tags, I punched a hole through a corner of the tag and the nut package and tied the tag on with black embroidery floss (which I have a lot of).


There are 3 options of the printable to choose from.

Click here to download the printable pictured above!

The second option includes ‘with love, the Primary Presidency’ at the very bottom.

Click here to download the Primary Presidency printable.

Finally, be sure to check out the generic version that can be used to thank anyone. It says “We’d be nuts if we didn’t thank you! Thanks for your help!” If you like this version, download it below.

Click here to download the printable that can be used for anyone!


Thank you for sharing this awesome printable, Shannon. I hope all of you enjoy Shannon’s printable. We would love to hear if you use the tags, so leave a comment letting us know. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.



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