Valentine’s Day Singing Time

So, my sister is out of town and asked me to cover Singing Time for her tomorrow. Since it’s Valentine’s I want to play a little game with the kids, make it fun for them. But since we haven’t really learned alot of new songs, we really can’t play any review type games, but then I remembered a game that the former Singing Time leader used to play. I think she found the idea on Sugardoodle. I also found another idea that I may play, I found this game on Sugardoodle. So, I’m going to finish teaching them the song and then we’re going to play one of these games, and hopefully it will still help them to learn the song.

Hot and Cold Game
You need:
An object that the children can hide; tomorrow I am using a cut-out heart.
Choose one child to leave the room, and another child to hide the heart/object somewhere in the room. Have the children start singing as the one child enters the room. The closer they get to the heart the louder they sing, the farther they get from the heart the quieter they sing. The child must find the heart before the song is over. Once the heart is found choose 2 new children (one to find and one to hide the heart).

Hot Potato Game
posted on by Alisha Trane
You need:
An object to pass around: potato, beanbag, wrapped present,etc.
A ‘Stop’ sign
Have the children begin singing. As they sing they must pass the object around to each person. When the music stops (Alisha would hold up a stop sign) the person holding the object must say what the next word is.
She also had them split into teams, if they knew what word was next, they got a point. If they didn’t know, the other team got a chance to steal the point by saying what the next word was.

I think I am going to do this with Sr. Primary. But instead of passing around a potato I am going to have some valentine lollipops wrapped in a box. I am going to wrap it 3 or 4 times. Each time the song stops, they will have to tell me what word is next, if they answer right they will get to unwrap one layer of paper. If they don’t answer correctly we will keep on going. If they get the box unwrapped, they will get their lollipops.


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  1. I saw the link to your blog on the yahoo ST group-Great ideas! I’m going to use this today in Singing/Sharing time!

  2. Anonymous

    awesome ideas! i’ve been so focused on teaching the new songs that i had forgotten to have fun with it too. thanks so much for sharing!
    -erin b