Top Five Resources for Primary Music Leaders

Hey y’all! It’s Mary from the Little LDS Ideas Creative Team back with some resources and ideas to help you with your singing times! When I was called to be the primary music leader almost four years ago, (don’t tell the bishop; I’m hoping to hide out in the primary room forever) I was absolutely terrified! And even though it’s become my favorite calling ever, I was terrified again when I learned that sharing time was gone!

So if, like me, you’re freaking out a little bit, remember that there are so many excellent resources available to you! I’ve been in this calling for a while (not a word to the bishop, y’all) and I’ve gathered quite a few websites that I love to check out when I’m planning a singing time. I wanted to share them with you today!

Free Printable Singing Time Planner

When I’m planning singing time, being organized is so important. I like to have all the organization done for me by a planner, so I can stay focused on thinking of activities that bring the Spirit. There are a lot of planners available for primary music leaders, but this one is free! And I made it, so it’s automatically my favorite 😉


Latter-Day Saint Primary Music Leader Facebook Group

Now that we’ve got organization under control, my first stop is always this Facebook group. It’s full of men and women posting their amazing ideas for singing time activities. When I’m planning, I’ll usually go straight to this group, search the song we’ll be working on and scroll through until I find something that fits for my primary. It’s also a great space to ask questions, get clarification on policy or lyric questions, or just vent about any issues you’re facing!


To Teach a Child a Song

Sharla Dance (what a perfect name, right?) runs this blog full of great ideas for singing time. Her method is focused on teaching rhythm and melody through movement. Getting the kids to move is the best way I’ve found for memorizing a song, especially your little ones. She uses things like scarves, egg shakers, and hand movements to help keep children focused and learning throughout singing time.


Camille’s Primary Ideas

Camille always has wonderful ideas for teaching singing time. She has a lot of free printables available to keep children engaged. This lesson for “He Sent His Son” saved me when I was struggling with how to teach a song with such deep concepts to young children. She is great at keeping things at a good level for this kids while still imparting the principles of each song.



Sugardoodle’s Primary Music section contains an A-Z Index of every song in the children’s songbook, plus some others from the hymnbook, The Friend, and other publications. Each song comes with links to flipcharts, blog posts with lesson ideas, and other materials.


Bonus Resources

The LDS Music App and LDS Music website are great for printing sheet music, looking up lyrics and song numbers, and just listening to the songs. The App has a function where you can create a playlist. I make a playlist every year of the songs we’ll be singing in primary that year. I listen to it on repeat on Sundays, which helps me memorize the songs I’m not as familiar with!

Right here on Little LDS Ideas, Sheena has a ton of resources, printables, and lesson plans for singing time. If you haven’t already seen what she has available, go take a look!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope these resources help you plan singing time stress free! Are there any resources you love that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Mary Probst

Mary Probst

Mary grew up in Florida, where she developed a love of beaches, Cuban food, and all things Disney. After a time in Utah to get her degree in English teaching from BYU, she now lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband, daughter, and cat. She loves reading, crocheting, cooking, baking, and writing! She is currently working on her first novella.
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  1. Lauiula

    Please i just called to be a music leader in our ward primary, it’s my first time and I really need help with any ideas that could help me teach primary kids with music in each month.thank you.