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Hey y’all! It’s Mary back again with another printable for your primary! Last month, I shared an idea for a Mother’s Day Singing Time. Staci pointed out in the comments that the same activity would work well for Teacher Appreciation Week! I know I’m a little late for the official holiday, but we should be appreciating our teachers all the time, right? Today I am sharing my Primary Teacher Appreciation Survey printables, and some fun ways you could use these surveys.

Primary Teacher Appreciation Singing Time Idea and Printable

Primary Teacher Appreciation Singing Time Idea

Print out these Teacher surveys and hand them out to your primary teachers. They can fill them out right there during sharing time and give them back to you! I am the chorister in my primary, so I would use them for a fun singing time, where the kids guess which teacher filled out each survey. Then, we would sing each teacher’s favorite song. You could ask a few teachers ahead of time to prepare a short explanation of why it’s their favorite song and share their testimonies of the power of primary music!


Another Way To Play: Teacher Spotlight

If you’re in the primary presidency, you might be more interested in using these surveys during opening exercises as a teacher spotlight. Spotlight a teacher each week and help the kids get to know the people teaching their classes. Make it into a game! Have all of the teachers stand up when you start reading the answers on a survey. When they know it couldn’t possibly be them, they sit back down. The kids will have fun learning about their teachers and it will be a bonding experience for the entire primary!

Teacher Survey Printable

If you want to extend the teacher appreciation spirit, the survey asks about their favorite candy bar! You could give them the candy bar once the kids guess which teacher it is!


CLICK HERE to download the Teacher Appreciation printable!


I hope that you use my Primary Teacher Appreciation Survey in your primary! If you do, come back and tell us how it went! You can check out some other great Singing Time Ideas that I have shared, here. And if you have any more ideas for me, definitely let me know! Thanks again, Staci! 😉

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Mary Probst

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