Singing Time Ideas

I have a few Singing Time Ideas to share with you today. These ideas came from two wonderful sisters.
 Thanks Tana and Amy for sharing your wonderful ideas. šŸ™‚

The first 2 ideas come from Tana Parke, a wonderful sister in my Stake. Here are her ideas:
Magic Music Spray
Get a spray bottle and fill it with water or juice. Tana uses a fun butterfly squirt bottle that she found at Target. 
If the children aren’t singing pull out your ‘Magic Music Spray’ and give them a quick squirt in the  mouth. 
Tana says that after using the Music Spray the children are singing. 
What a great and easy idea!

Candy Sunday
This idea will be great to start next year when we start learning new songs.
Tana usually uses this for the last Sunday each month as a reward for learning the song for that month. 
For 3 weeks teach the children the song and then review on the 4th Sunday. Play a fun review game and then reward them with a special treat if they have memorized it.
Because what kid doesn’t like a special treat? šŸ™‚
Find a fun treasure box or decorate a big bucket/box and label it ‘Candy Sunday’. The children will get to know that special box and will be sure to try their hardest to learn each song.

Dress up Name that Tune!
Amy Thacker emailed me and shared another great idea, so I had to share it with all of you. Here is what she said:
“This is what we did for Singing Time after the Sacrament Presentation-
Our Chorister, who is wonderful, had a box of dress up items. Then she placed cards, in a circle, upside down, on the floor. Each card had the name of a song on it, she used fun songs that had nothing to do with the ones we just sang in Sacrament.
She then placed a twisting desk chair in the middle. 
She had a teacher from each class take turns sitting on the chair and twisting while the piano music played, when the music stopped the teacher picked up whichever song their feet landed on. The teacher then had to guess how many music notes it would take their class to guess which song it was. The chorister also made a guess and whoever was closest got to pick an item out of the bag for the other to wear!
The children loved it, especially when our male teachers wore tutu’s and tiara’s.
Our chorister ended up in a large clown tie, dish gloves, a beret, and floppy shoes!
After the dressing up took place all the children would sing the song all the way through.
This was just something to fun to reward them for singing so well during the Program, we were still singing, but it was just fun!”

What a FUN idea!
 Thanks again Amy for the great ideas, they are much appreciated. šŸ™‚

Have a great week everyone!


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