Singing Time Idea: Missionary Primary Program Review

Hey y’all! It’s Mary from the Creative Team back with another Singing Time Idea. Most of us are in the home stretch in our Primary Program preparation! I have used this Missionary Primary Program Review a few times with my primary children, and they always love it! Keep reading for more information and some free printables to help you out!

Missionary Primary Program Review Singing Time Idea and printables


A week or two before you plan to use this Missionary Primary Program Review, ask for help from some volunteers in your ward. It’s always a fun surprise for the kids to see the missionaries, a member of the bishopric, or  one of their parents as a special guest in primary! Tell them to wait in the hallway outside the primary room during singing time. Use the free printable at the bottom of this post to make missionary tags and question cards. If you have any missionary tags of your own (or your spouse’s) that will work, too! I’ve used my husband’s in the past.

When your volunteers arrive outside the primary room, hand each of them a question card and give them their instructions: When the “missionaries” knock on the primary door, one of them will answer the door and then ask their question.


The Plan

Tell your primary that they get to be missionaries today! Choose two of your kids and tell them that they are companions. They get to wear the missionary tags and go to the primary door. When they knock on the door, one of your volunteers will open it and ask them a question. 

The “missionaries” will then decide which program song would best answer the question. I usually write the names of all the songs on the board to help them remember. The entire primary sings the song and then the volunteer thanks them and says goodbye.

Missionary Primary Program Review Singing Time Idea

The kids love this Missionary Primary Program Review because they think it’s fun to pretend to be missionaries. They love seeing special guests in primary and doing things outside the normal routine. I love this activity because it shows kids what the songs really mean. It gives them a practical application for the songs in their life. Of course, they’re not going to sing to people that ask them questions, but they know that they can find the answers in the primary songs they’ve been singing their whole lives!


Extension Ideas

Take the kids to the “MTC” and have them memorize something to say when the volunteers open the door. For example: “Hello! We’re from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Is there anything we can do for you?”

Bring suit jackets for the boys and scarves for the girls so that they can dress up like missionaries! There’s nothing cuter than a kid wearing a suit jacket that’s too big!

With your Senior Primary, you can have a discussion about how they could answer questions using what they’ve learned from primary songs. Have any of their friends ever asked them questions? What did they say? You could ask some teachers to share their experiences with answering questions about the Gospel.



Click HERE to download my Missionary Primary Program Review printables!


Note: I have included eight questions, corresponding to the eight songs outlined in the Primary manual. I have also included a blank page, which can be used to insert questions for additional songs.

If you’re looking for some other great Primary Program Ideas, take a look at some other ideas from Little LDS Ideas, here!

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you decide to use this idea, come back and let us know how it went!

Mary Probst

Mary Probst

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  1. Sarah

    Thank you! I love your ideas! I appreciate your willingness to share them!!

    1. Mary Probst

      Thank you so much! I hope it went well with your primary!

  2. Angela

    I used your idea this week (different songs, so made up my own questions) and it was so fun. Both the kids and the teachers loved it! Thanks so much for sharing.