Singing Time Idea: Back-to-School Primary Program Review

Hey y’all! It’s Mary back with another Primary Singing Time Idea! August has begun and that means that your kids are going back to school and it’s time to prepare for the Primary program. I know it’s kind of stressful, but don’t worry! Use this Back-to-School Primary Program Review to refresh your kids’ memories! By the time August rolls around, my primary kids are usually pretty tired of practicing the same songs. This fun Back-to-School Singing Time Idea mixes up the songs and the way you sing them, to hopefully add a little fun to Singing Time.

Back-To-School Primary Program Review. LDS back-to-school Singing Time Idea.

The Plan

Print out the free printable available below. Arrange the schools in numerical order on the board before singing time. Have the buses in numerical order on a table next to the board. Tell the primary kids that their friends need help getting to school tomorrow! (For Junior Primary, you could get really into it and come up with a story. They’ll love it!) Choose a child to come up and pick a school. Then, they’ll pick a bus to go to that school. The numbers on the bus and the school do not need to match

At the end of the free printable, there is a paper with two lists. One lists the Primary Program songs for 2018. The other lists different ways of singing. When your primary child chooses a school and a bus, use these lists to tell the kids what and how you’re going to sing! For example, if a child chose the #3 school and the #5 bus, the Primary will sing “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” while clapping along to the beat.


Extension Idea

If you’re looking to challenge your Primary a bit more, try hiding the buses around the room. Then, choose a child to go search for a school bus!



Click HERE to print my Back-to-School Primary Program Review Printables.


I hope this Back-to-School Primary Program Review will help your kids get ready for their program! If you use it, come back and tell us how it went!

Note: In the file, I have included 8 numbered schools and buses because there are 8 songs listed in the manual. I have also included one blank page that can be used for additional songs.

Mary Probst

Mary Probst

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  1. Demi

    I really LOVE reading up on some good ideas. This is awesome 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    1. Mary Probst

      Thank you! Let me know how it goes if you use it.

  2. Sigrid

    Thank you so much! I printed these out last year and laminated them. Going to use them again tomorrow for a fuss free no prep singing time. The best!!