Singing Time Birthday Candles Printable & Activity Idea

Hi, there! It’s Chrissy from Teepee Girl and I am so excited to share these Singing Time Birthday Candles Printable and activity Idea with you! As a primary music leader or teacher, you can make birthdays extra special. And these birthday candles will help!


Nothing gets kids more excited than their birthdays. And they want EVERYONE to celebrate with them. (Unlike me who hopes no one remembers my birthday and I truly dread turning one year older.  And this sentiment totally baffles my kids. They try to reassure me by telling me that I am “not that old.” Uh-huh. Not very helpful, but I give them full props for trying.)

My kids wait all. year. long. to be able to stand up on their birthday and get their little treat and get sung to in primary. And I’ve had enough primary callings to know that it’s not just my kids. Most kids really enjoy the recognition of their birthday. They may not act like it, but if you forget, well. It’s heartbreaking. (Been there, done that. And I felt terrible! Luckily kids are very forgiving if you give them extra treats the next week. 😉 )

And recognizing birthdays doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy. In fact, if you use these little Singing Time Birthday Candles, the kids will have FUN and you will be a birthday hero. So it’s a win-win.


This birthday candle idea actually came from Sheena. We were talking about ideas that she hadn’t gotten around to creating yet and suggested that I make some candles for singing time.

Since I am a big fan of things that are easy, cute, and helpful, I totally agreed! And what makes these candles really fun are the song actions on the back.


How to use these singing time birthday candles:

  1. It’s so easy! Just cut out the candles and the song activities. (You’ll want to make a few copies of the birthday candle printables.)
  2. Glue the actions on the back of the candles. It’s a good idea to laminate the candles at this point. They will last a lot longer and stay looking really nice.
  3. Put all the candles in your church bag so you’re ready for the next birthday.
  4. When it’s someone’s birthday, they get to choose their candle. The birthday kid then gets to stand up front and hold their candle while everyone else has to sing the birthday song while doing the chosen action. (For example, if a child picked out a candle and the back said, “sing while clapping,” all the kids in the pirmary will sing the birthday song while clappping.)


Sheena and I hope that you can use these Singing Time Birthday Candles to help the kids in your primary celebrate their big day! It’s a simple but super fun way to recognize birthdays in primary.

You can also find some other great Primary Birthday ideas, HERE.

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Click HERE to download the Singing Time Birthday Candles.


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