Program Treasure Chest

The other day I received an email from a wonderful Sister, Amy Thacker, who shared another idea to use during Program practices. This idea helps with reviewing the songs, so Music Leaders this one is for you! You could definitely use it for reverence, speaking parts, etc. also.
If our program wasn’t this Sunday I would definitely be using this idea. Thanks Amy for the great idea!

Here is what Amy said:

“To practice the songs for our Sacrament presentation I took a toy tool box (you could use a treasure chest or anything you have on hand) and filled it with candy.  Then I wrote each song on a separate ribbon and taped the ribbon around the box.  When the children sang the song, 1) loud enough to be heard, 2) with the piano, not faster or slower, and  3) remembered all the words each group had practiced, then we cut each ribbon.  The first week a few ribbons remained and we had to start over the second week practice, but during the second week they knew the songs and sang really well so we got to open the box.  During the third week practice it was fast Sunday so I filled it with glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls.

The box worked wonders, just be prepared for a little (ok a LOT) of excitement when that box opens up!!!  We presented our program yesterday and we had numerous compliments on our singing!  I hope this idea helps someone else.”

Isn’t that the greatest idea!?!?! I love it!
Thanks again Amy for sharing.


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