Primary Assignment Cards & Stickers

Hey Friends! Emily here, from Hey Friend! I’m excited to stop by and share my spin on Primary Assignment Cards & Stickers. I serve in my ward’s Primary Presidency, and all of the new changes to Primary have really helped us to step back and simplify. As we made our list of things to gather for the New Year, a simple assignment card was on the top of my list.

primary assignment cards

In the Come Follow Me for Singing Time 2019 Instructions (found here on, it explains that Singing Time should start with an Opening Prayer, Scripture OR Article of Faith, and ONE Talk. And that is should all happen in 5 minutes or less. Sounds simple enough, right? But it will take a little work and retraining on our part to make it happen that way.


Primary Assignment Cards

primary assignment cards & stickers
Primary Assignment Cards & Stickers

My share today has two parts. The first is for a Basic Black & White- Primary Assignment Card. In this download there is one sheet- with six cards per sheet, three of each assignment. These can be copied on white or colored paper for the entire year, and set aside in your closet ready to go each week.

I’m sharing TWO different versions of the Assignment Card- one with ‘Article of Faith’ and the other file with ‘Scripture’. You can download and use the version that best meets your ward’s needs. (If you need a tweak or change- I’d be glad to help you out with a more custom option in my Etsy Shop.)

These Assignment Card files are editable in one spot, and will only work with Adobe Reader. (You will have problems if you try and open them in any other program.) You are able to edit the bottom three lines and can add text like “If you have any questions, please contact me with a number.” (Tip: When you change one spot, the rest will copy and change as well.)The editable option can be left blank if not needed. I didn’t add assignments, or topic spots. The major shift of this new curriculum is away from “Themes” and a focus on…

“a home-centered and Church-supported plan to learn doctrine, strengthen faith, and foster greater personal worship.”

Pres. Russell M. Nelson

With that in mind, I left a spot for topics off, and added instead for Talks and Scriptures to come from the past week’s Reading.


Primary Assignment STICKERS

primary assignment stickers
Primary Assignment Stickers

 The Second part of my share is an even more simplified option… simple Sticker Reminders! The file has two sheets of labels- again, one sheet with ‘Article of Faith’ and the other with ‘Scripture’ as a choice. Simply print out the sheet you need on Sticker Label Sheets (30 per page)… like these from Avery.

Then on Sunday, send the assigned Child home with a Label as a reminder. And to follow up, during the week a simple text reminder can go out to remind the child’s parents of their assignment. Simple. I’m totally leaning toward encouraging my own Presidency to use this idea because it is so simple and easy. After all, that is what we are being asked to do- Simplify and focus on the Doctrine.

primary assignment cards & stickers


DOWNLOAD HERE: Editable-Primary Assignment CARDS {Prayer, Talk, & Scripture}

DOWNLOAD HERE: Editable- Primary Assignment CARD {Prayer, Talk, & Article of Faith}

DOWNLOAD HERE: Primary Assignment STICKER Labels


The major take-away I had from our Stake’s Training on the new Come, Follow Me Curriculum– is that we as Presidency should counsel together, and to seek revelation for implementing changes in our stewardship and callings. I’m hopeful that my share today will fill that need for many of you in Simplifying our Primary Assignments. Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to hear how you use these resources in your calling!

Matching Binder Covers- {Color & Black & White}

I’ve had a couple requests for a simple, no frills Binder Cover to match. I have Black & White version, and of course Color to choose from. You can Edit your WARD and YOUR CALLING/CLASS.  Stop by my blog- Hey Friend Shop and see if they will work for your ward. 

Editable Binder Covers- {Black & White/Color} 
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Emily Clark

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    1. Emily Clark

      Ah, Thanks Ashley! I can’t wait to copy mine and use them next year!

  1. LaShelle

    These are great! Did you use Melonheads artwork? I love their stuff.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Emily Clark

      Yes! Good Eye! I’m a fan of simple and love them for Primary Stuff!

  2. Maria Carrion

    Thank you for for all you do, can we have all this in spanish

  3. Leslie Fanning

    Is there a way to type in the date instead of writing it?

    1. Emily Clark

      Hi Leslie- This Free share doesn’t have that option. However, I’d be glad to do a custom order for that over in my HeyFriend Etsy Shop. E-mail me, and I’d be glad to get it set up.

  4. Shantel Peaden

    Thank you SO much! I love having the topics be something from their own reading. Exactly what I was hoping to ask them to do.

    1. You are so very welcome! We’re so glad you like them. 🙂

  5. HW

    I love these! THANK YOU! 🙂