Christmas Singing Time Idea and Printables

Hey y’all! It’s Mary from the Little LDS Ideas Creative Team back with a Christmas singing time idea and printable! There are so many amazing Christmas songs in the Children’s Songbook, but my favorite is Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus. It’s the one I’m planning on teaching my primary this year. Use these free printables to teach it to your primary as well!

Christmas Singing Time Idea



Download and print the document found at the end of this post. Then, cut out the name tag and the piano and forte signs. I always laminate my singing time props in an effort to make them last longer, but it’s not necessary!

Cut two holes in the top of the name tag and thread a string or piece of yarn through the holes and tie it off. You want enough room for a child’s head to fit through. The name tag will hang around their neck.

You can either leave the dynamics signs as is, or glue them onto popsicle sticks to make them easier to hold!

The Plan – Week One

To help them memorize the words to the song, I’m going to teach the kids actions to go with each line. Movement is such a great way for kids (especially the little ones) to quickly memorize. Here are the actions:

First verse

Said Samuel – Hands cupped in front of mouth like you’re trying to talk louder

Within five years – Hold up five fingers on one hand

A night will be as day – Cover eyes (night) and then uncover them (day)

And baby Jesus will be born – Pretend to rock a baby

In a land far, far away – Point away from yourself


Hosanna! Hosanna! – Hands raised above your head

Oh let us gladly sing – Hands clasped together in front, like you’re in a choir

How blessed that our Lord was born – Arms folded, as in prayer

Let earth receive her King – Pretend to put a crown on your head

Second verse

Across the sea, in Bethlehem – Hand across your body, like a boat in waves

Lord Jesus came to Earth – Pretend to rock a baby

As Samuel had prophesied – Hands cupped in front of mouth like you’re trying to talk louder

And angels sang His birth – Hands clasped together in front, like you’re in a choir


The Plan – Week Two

Now that they have the words down, it’s time to use our printables to have some more fun!

Choose one child to be Samuel the Lamanite. Put the name tag around their neck and have them stand on a chair. This would be a great time to tell the children the story of when Samuel the Lamanite stood on the wall to prophesy to his people about Christ’s birth. Assure them that you won’t be throwing anything at Samuel this time!

Samuel’s job is to lead the music. A younger child might need to just mimic your movements. However fast or slow Samuel conducts is how fast you’ll sing! Let different children come up and take turns being Samuel.

Once several children have had a chance to be Samuel, bring out the dynamics (piano and forte) signs. The children will now pretend to be angels and take turns determining how loud you will sing. Make sure to explain to the children that “piano” means softly and “forte” means loudly.

If you’re feeling really confident, have Samuel and an angel going at the same time! 



Click HERE to Download my Christmas Singing Time Printables!


I hope these printables and ideas help you teach Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus to your primary this Christmas season! The dynamics signs can be used to review other songs, too.

If you use them for your Christmas singing time, please come back and let us know how it went. Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Probst

Mary Probst

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