2019 Primary Singing Time Printable Planner

Hey y’all! It’s Mary from the Little LDS Ideas Creative Team back with another free printable to help your primary! The beginning of 2019 means the beginning of the Come Follow Me program in primary! My stake here in Kentucky was lucky enough to do a test run of this program early last year. I loved it! We’ll have so much more freedom to receive and act on inspiration for our specific primaries! To help with this change, I’m sharing this Primary Singing Time Printable Planner for 2019.

I know I’m a little intimidated by the new responsibility next year. There won’t be a sharing time, which means that primary music leaders are the only primary instruction (other than their awesome primary class teachers!) they’re going to get every Sunday. I wanted to make a planner that was easy to usefree to print, and helpful in bringing the Spirit.

The first page is a year overview that you can use to plan out all the songs your primary will sing for the year. We’re still having primary programs, but now we have total control over what songs to include! Yay! Use this first page to plan out your entire year and keep yourself on track.

I have also included month overviews that list each week’s topic and scriptures. I wanted to have a space in the planner to write my thoughts and impressions from scripture study. That way, it’s easy to incorporate them into your lessons!

Lastly, there is a weekly planner that you can use each week to plan out your lesson. Write down what songs you need to really focus on that week and any other songs (wiggle songs, birthday song, reverence songs, etc.) that you might sing. The largest space on this page is where you’ll write your lesson plan! I love having this sheet because I take it to church with me and leave it on the piano. That way, the pianist knows exactly what songs he or she needs to be ready for, what pages they’re one, and what’s coming up next in your plan!



Click HERE to print my 2019 Singing Time Printable Planner!

Click HERE to print the 2019 Singing Time Weekly Planner Sheet!


I hope that this Primary Singing Time Printable Planner helps you this coming year! I am so excited for the Come Follow Me program and the freedom it gives us as primary music leaders. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Mary Probst

Mary Probst

Mary grew up in Florida, where she developed a love of beaches, Cuban food, and all things Disney. After a time in Utah to get her degree in English teaching from BYU, she now lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband, daughter, and cat. She loves reading, crocheting, cooking, baking, and writing! She is currently working on her first novella.
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