When I am baptized and confirmed I am following Jesus’ example: 2nd Week Sharing Time Idea for May 2012

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (playing a memory game and reading the scriptures): Display pictures of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus and a child being baptized.  Let the children look at the pictures for 20 seconds.  Then cover the pictures and ask the children to tell you as many things as they can that are the same in the two pictures.  You may want to list their answers on the board.

Ask the children to read Doctrine and Covenants 20:72-74 to discover who can baptize someone and how a baptism should be performed.  Invite the children to share what they have found.  Emphasize that the person who performs the baptism must have priesthood authority and that the person being baptized must be immersed, or go completely under the water.  Show both pictures again.  Point out that both Jesus and the child are being baptized by immersion, by one with priesthood authority.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Wow! What a crazy week it’s been. But it’s been a good week, busy, but good. We’ve had church meetings, school things, enrichment meetings. I’ve been getting bookmarks printed, and Mother’s Day treat tags printed, and working on upcoming RS meetings/activities. It’s slowly getting done, so that is great!Now for this week’s idea!I found this idea in ‘The Friend’ (May 2009) and thought it was a great idea. Here is what it was:

Jesus Christ was baptized. Ask a priesthood holder approved by the bishop or branch president to portray John the Baptist. Ask him to tell about the life of John the Baptist and what he was foreordained to do. Display GAK 208 (John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus) and tell the story of Jesus’s baptism found in Matthew 3:13–17. Sing the first two verses of“Baptism” (pp. 100–101).
Before Primary, write the following words or phrases on pieces of paper and put them in a container: John the Baptist, River Jordan, immersion, this is my beloved Son, descended like a dove, obedient. Have the children pass the container while the pianist plays “Baptism.” Stop the music and have the child holding the container choose a paper, read the word or phrase, and tell how it relates to Jesus’s baptism. Continue as time allows. Explain that when we are baptized we are following Jesus and obeying Heavenly Father’s commandment to be baptized. Sing the third verse of “Baptism.” Bear testimony of the need to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.”
You could also have John the Baptist tell the story of Jesus’s baptism. Then do the bucket activity.
If you don’t want to sing the song, just take turns having a child come to the front to pick a word out of the bucket. I would decorate the container that the words/phrases are in. I would find a picture of a little boy or girl dressed in white and attach them to the can and then on top of them add a sheet of blue paper. I would cut the top of the paper to make it look like water. Have the water come about waist deep to the child that is on your can/container. You could even name the bucket ‘Baptism Bucket’.

Here’s another idea that I came up with:
Fill The Font
You will need a box or even a clear storage bin would work. Whatever you use you will be attempting to make a mini baptismal font. Here’s mine that I whipped up in 10 mins. (No judging! It’s not the prettiest, but I figured it would help explain what I meant).
Add a little baptism girl or boy for effect. So, as you see you will be cutting a hole in the middle of your box. You will also need to cut a hole at the top of your box (where the top of the water is). Cover the front of the water with blue paper, to look like water. Then cover the hole with 
plastic wrap, vellum, wax paper, etc. Just as long as it’s pretty transparent.

Next you will need to come up with some questions. Use the idea from above and have words/phrases about Jesus’ baptism and have them tell you how it relates. Have the scripture from the outline as one and have them tell you how we baptize, who can baptize, etc. Ask how old you need to be to be baptized. Look up some questions from the Primary Manuals, those are always great resources for questions.

Now for the fun! Have your questions in a container and take turns choosing a child to come to the front to pick a question. If the child answer correctly they get to fill the font with a little bit of ‘water’. For the water you could use packaging peanuts, large noodles (you could even die them blue), balls, cotton balls, etc. When the ‘water’ has filled the font, have everyone shout something about Baptism. 🙂

Another way to play!
Inside a large box or storage bin, have packing peanuts. Hide your questions inside the ‘font’ and have the children look for them. Have your question printed onto little baptism boy and girls or on #8’s, or something else that has to do with baptism.
Decorate the outside of the box so that it looks like water.

So those are my ideas for next week. If you make a ‘font’ I would love to see them. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Thanks! I just finished making my font! I love this idea.

  2. Genny: So glad you liked the idea. I would love to see your font!