Weeks 1 & 2 Sharing Time Idea: Prophets speak for Heavenly Father.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2011 Sharing Time Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing a demonstration): Invite a child to come to the front of the room. Tell the other children to follow his or her instructions. Whisper simple instructions to the child, such as, “Tell them to put their hands on their heads” or “Tell them to quietly say hello to the person sitting next to them.” Repeat with several other simple instructions, ending with “Tell them to fold their arms”. Ask the children how they knew what you wanted them to do. Explain that one of the ways Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ send messages to people on earth is by speaking to Their servants and then commanding those servants to speak to the people. Ask, “Who are the servants who speak for Heavenly Father and Jesus?” Have the children say together, “Prophets speak for Heavenly Father.”

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (role-playing scripture stories): Before Primary, tape a picture of a prophet and some scripture references that tell about what he did or said to the bottom of some of the chairs. Examples could include:
Noah (Genesis 6:13-14, Genesis 7:5, 7-10)
Moses (Exodus 14:8-9, 13-14, 21-22)
Samuel the Lamanite (Helaman 14:1-8, 16:1-3)
Joseph Smith (D&C 89)

Invite the children to look under their chairs to find the pictures. Divide the children into groups, with one picture in each group, and have them prepare and present a role play of their prophet. Invite the other groups to guess which prophet they are portraying. Discuss how the people received the prophet’s message and what the results were.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (singing a song): Make a “wheel of prophets” like the one shown on the right. Divide the circle into eight sections, each with the name of a prophet from the song, “Follow the Prophet” (CS, 110-11). Invite a child to spin the wheel. Share a brief story about the prophet indicated on the wheel (use the scripture references on CS 111 for ideas). Then sing the verse about that prophet in “Follow the prophet”. Invite another child to spin the wheel, and repeat the activity as time allows.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I know…I’m posting my idea late again, but I think I have a pretty good excuse this time. 🙂 Here in the Perron household we have all been sick, blah! And of course I think I had the worst of it. We’ve had horrible coughs, fever, congestion, etc. So I honestly haven’t felt like doing much blogging.
But we’re finally starting to feel better, so I thought I would share some ideas.
First I thought I would share my idea that I shared last year for this topic.
You can find it HERE. I’ve updated the link, so it should work.
I saw an idea that I also shared last year for another Sharing Time, and thought that you could change it to fit with this week.
Have a Brother from the ward dress up as a Prophet of old. Have him come in and ask the children ‘How can Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ talk to us? Does he call us on the phone, send us letters, emails? No.’ Have your prophet then explain that one of the ways Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ speak to us is through Their servants, the Prophets. Have him introduce himself as one of those prophets. You could have him share his story with the children and some of the things he told his people. Have him encourage the children to always listen to the prophet.
Some Game Ideas:
Tic-Tac-Toe: Make a large Tic-Tac-Toe grid on a poster-board. In each square have a scripture reference. Split the Primary into 2 teams, X’s & O’s. Have the first team go first and choose a square. Have them look up the scripture and then guess which prophet it is. Once they have figured it out have them place an X or O in that square.
Balloon Pop: (this works great for Jr. Primary) Have a bulletin board, chalkboard, or poster-board with different pictures of the prophets. Have several scripture references for each prophet (examples given in Primary Outline). Place each scripture reference inside of a balloon and blow it up. Each prophet will have 2-4 ‘Clue Balloons’ (be sure to keep each one seperate from the other prophets, you could have each prophet a different color balloon).
Choose a child to come up and pick a balloon to pop. Then have them find the scripture reference and read it aloud. Ask the child if they know which prophet that scripture belongs to. If not continue with choosing another child to come up and pop another balloon. Continue until all clues have been read or the prophet is guessed.
You could do one scripture reference and the rest ‘easy’ clues (for Jr. Primary).
Beat the Teacher!: This game will be played Children Vs. Teachers. I think this would work great for Week 2. And I know Sr. Primary would LOVE it!
Who Am I: You could do this 2 ways: #1-Have several children dress up like a prophet. Give him/her several clues to read (or whisper the clues into their ear). Have the children guess which prophet they are.
2-Have several GAK pictures on a board. Have several clues in a bucket, bag, underneath chairs,etc. (You’ll have to have each set of clues seperated by prophet). Have the children read the clues and then match the clues with the picture of the prophet.


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  1. hey! i just had to leave you a msg. the balloon pop idea was a huge success this week!! i did simple clues for jr, and scripture refs for sr. they loved it! my daughter even said ‘that was more fun than music time!’ hehe!! thanks for all your brilliant ideas!!

  2. LOVE the beat the teacher game- I know my Sr. Primary will love it! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  3. Thanks so much for your ideas. They have helped me a lot. I’m playing the tic-tac-toe game with my primary kids today. I know thay will love it and learn a lot.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Magda (Canoas/Brazil)