We receive the ordinances of salvation through the priesthood.: 2nd Week Sharing Time idea for October 2012

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Have one child hold an opened umbrella.  Let a few children stand under it.  Compare the umbrella to the priesthood.  Point out that if it were raining, all the children under the umbrella would receive the blessing of staying dry, not just the one holding it.  Similarly, God has provided, through His priesthood, a way for all His children to be blessed.  Through the priesthood we receive the ordinances of salvation that allow us to return and live with God again.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (putting together puzzles): Write each of the following on a separate piece of paper:
baptism, confirmation, priesthood ordination (for men), temple endowment, and temple sealing.  
Cut up each piece of paper into a puzzle.  Briefly explain to the children what an ordinance is (a sacred ceremony or act that has spiritual meanings), and tell the children that some priesthood ordinances are required for us to return and live with Heavenly Father.  Draw five steps on the board, and place a picture of Jesus Christ on the top step.  Divide the children into five groups and give each group one of the puzzles you made.  Ask them to assemble their puzzle and then share what they know about the ordinance with the rest of the Primary.  Have the groups post their assembled puzzles in proper order on the steps on the board.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
As I was looking at ideas for this week, I discovered some great puzzles to go along with this week’s theme. Jess over at Latter-Day Chatter was kind enough to share a handout and puzzles for this week’s Sharing Time. I loved them and knew I had to share them with all of you.
I really liked this week’s idea from the outline, so I don’t feel I need to add any other ideas. I love the umbrella idea, what a great object lesson!
I also loved the puzzle idea, and when I saw Jess’s puzzles, I REALLY loved the puzzle idea. 🙂
I thought you could also write a scripture reference on the back of each puzzle. When the children assemble the puzzle they could share what they know about that particular ordinance and share the scripture.

“Priesthood Punch”
You could also incorporate LuAnn’s game from last week (click Here to see her idea) into this week’s Sharing Time. I thought it would be fun to have a puzzle piece in each ‘punch’ box. Have each piece assigned a certain color (they each have a different color border). Up at the front have the 5 step with a picture of Christ at the top. Have each step a certain color (match the ordinance puzzle); Baptism puzzle is green, so the first step will be green.
Have the children come up and punch a box to reveal a puzzle piece. Have them attach it to the matching step. As they find the pieces have them put the puzzles together.
When all the puzzles are put together go over each ordinance with the children.
On the back of each puzzle piece you could have facts, scriptures, etc. about each ordinance: You do this when you’re 8. Your family will be sealed for eternity, etc.
And if having 1 puzzle piece per box seems like it would take too long, then put more than 1 piece in each box. J

Well, that’s all I have this week. I want to tell Jess, over at Latter-day Chatter, Thank you for sharing her amazing puzzles. You just made a lot of people’s jobs so much easier {and cuter}.  🙂 Have a wonderful week everyone and a great Sharing Time.



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