The Living Prophet Leads the Church Under the Direction of Jesus Christ: 1st & 2nd Week Sharing Time Idea for May 2013

Sharing Time Idea from the 2013 Primary Outline 

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing pictures and playing a game): Show a picture of the living prophet. Ask several children to take a turn leading the Primary in a simple action such as hopping or clapping their hands. Point to the picture of the prophet and explain that he is the President of the Church and we should follow what he asks us to do. Ask: “Who does the prophet follow?” Show a picture of Jesus Christ, and explain that the prophet works under His direction.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing the prophet’s teachings): Show the children the most recent conference issue of the Ensign or Liahona. Explain that at general conference, the prophet teaches us what Jesus Christ wants us to do. Select sentences from the prophet’s talks, and invite children to read them aloud. Together, make a list of things the children could do to follow the prophet.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (drawing a picture): Give each child a piece of paper. Invite them to fold it in half. Ask them to draw a picture of the prophet on one half of the paper and to write or draw one way they will follow the prophet on the other half. Invite the children to stand and hold their pictures as they sing the chorus to “Follow the Prophet” (CS, 110–11). For week 2, teach the children about something the prophet has taught in a recent general conference. As you plan the activities you will use, think about how you will identify the prophet’s teaching and help the children understand it and apply it in their lives.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
To begin your lesson the ‘Identify Doctrine’ activity idea would be great. 
Once you are done with the ‘Follow the Leader’ activity, show a picture of the Prophet and have the children tell you who the picture is. Or you could ask them (before you show the picture) who leads our church today. Then show a picture of President Monson. Point to the picture of the prophet and explain that he is the President of the Church and we should follow what he asks us to do. Ask: “Who does the prophet follow?” Show a picture of Jesus Christ, and explain that the prophet works under His direction.
Ask the children what happened a few weeks ago. You could show them a few pictures as hints (pictures of temple square, conference center, etc.) Show the children the most recent conference issue of the Ensign or Liahona. Explain that at general conference, the prophet teaches us what Jesus Christ wants us to do.
The words we hear from our Prophet at General Conference are very important and we should do our best to listen to what our Prophet says. Think of his words as a ‘treasure’.
When you listen to President Monson speak how does it make you feel? It makes me feel really good, like I have just found a hidden treasure!
Today we are going to dig for buried treasure and talk about just a few of these wonderful “Treasures” that our prophet has left for us.
Treasures From Our Prophet
Sharing Time Activity
 I saw an idea similar to this on Sugardoodle, and loved the idea.
After reading the idea from Sugardoodle, I came up with 2 different ways you could do this activity. Both are sure to be a hit, so choose which one would work best for your Primary and have fun!
Idea #1:
First you’ll need to read through President Monson’s conference talks and choose several different quotes. Type/write them onto pieces of paper. You could even type them inside of Word Bubbles like this:
Then you will need to find some ‘treasure’.
You could print out pictures of jewels or find actual items that resemble a treasure. Attach your quotes to your ‘treasure’.
Next you will need a large storage bin, box, etc. Now fill your box/bin with something like wood chips, packaging peanuts, rice, beans, etc.
Place your ‘treasure quotes’ in the box and bury them.
For the activity you will invite the children to the front, one at a time, and have them ‘dig’ for the General Conference Treasures.
Once they find the treasure have the child read the quote aloud. Ask the children what the prophet is asking us to do.
At the front of the room have a picture of President Monson. After the child has read the quote have them tape it around the picture.
Once all the treasure has been found and all the quotes have been read go over a few and encourage the children to follow the Prophet. 
Remind the children that when we hear the words of the Prophet they are like ‘Spiritual Treasures’.
 Idea #2
 Activity Overview:
For this activity the children will be reading several quotes from President Monson’s Conference addresses. After they read the quotes they will need to find the matching key word that is tied around the treasure chest. Once they have found the matching keyword or phrase they will get to cut the string/ribbon.
Once all the strings have been cut they will get to reveal the treasure!
Now that you kind of know what will be happening during this activity, let’s talk about the details.
As you can see in the picture above you will need a treasure chest for this activity. If you have one, great! Or just make one out of a box. Believe me, it doesn’t need to be fancy once the children know that there is a treasure inside. 😉
Next you will need to fill your treasure chest with a special treat or if you don’t want to do treats just use some treasure and have a sign that says something like:
“President Monson leads the church under the direction of Jesus Christ. His words are spiritual ‘treasures’.
if you have a special treat inside the treasure chest you could say something like this:
 “I will ‘chews’ to follow the Prophet.”
Then you can fill the treasure chest with bubble gum or some other ‘chewy’ treat.
You could also use Ring Pops or a non-food item. Then come up with a cute little phrase about following the words of the Prophet.
Next, you will need to have several different quotes typed/written onto pieces of paper.
Have the quotes underneath chairs, posted around the room, inside of balloons, hanging from the ceiling, etc.
For each quote you will need to pick one word or short phrase that describes that quote.
Let’s use this quote as an example:
“A knowledge of truth and the answers to our greatest questions come to us as we are obedient to the commandments of God.
-President Monson
Key Word: Keep the Commandments or Obedience
To Play:
To begin your activity tell the children that as we listen to the words of the Prophet we will be blessed with Spiritual ‘Treasures’. The Prophet leads his church under the direction of Jesus Christ, so if we want to follow Jesus then we need to Follow the Prophet.
Show the children the treasure chest. Explain that around the room (or wherever you have the quotes) are several different quotes/sentences from President Monson’s talk that we just heard during General Conference a few weeks ago.
Tell the children that they are going to have to find these quotes and then match them to the word that is on the treasure chest.
In order to open the treasure chest they will need to match each quote to the appropriate phrase/word.
Invite the first child up and have them find the first quote and read it aloud. Then have them walk to the treasure chest and look at the keywords/phrases.
{As you can see I color coded my keywords/phrases with the color of the string.}

Have them pick which phrase best matches the quote they just read.
If it’s a match have them cut the string!
Then continue with the next child. 
You can also have them attach the quote to a picture of President Monson. At the end of the lesson you could go over the quotes and what President Monson has said or asked us to do.
After all the quotes have been read explain to the children that as we listen and follow the Prophet we will be blessed, and we will be rewarded with wonderful spiritual treasure!
Open the treasure to reveal your treasure!
Testify that President Monson is called of God, and that he leads our church under the direction of Jesus Christ.

And that’s it!
I hope this idea can help you out in some way. Thanks for stopping by & have  wonderful day & a GREAT Sharing Time!



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  1. You make my calling so much easier! This is such a fun idea. THANK YOU!

  2. Amy W,

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