The Holy Ghost can help me: 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for May 2012

Sharing Time Idea from the Primary 2012 Outline

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Have a child stand by the door.  Blindfold the child, and have him or her try to find his or her chair and sit down without any help.  Repeat the activity, but this time ask another child to guide the blindfolded child by touching his or her arm and leading the way.  Discuss with the children why it was easier for the child to find the chair the second time.  Explain that the Holy Ghost can help us by giving us direction in our lives.  Invite the children to say, “The Holy Ghost can help me.”

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (singing a song and playing a matching game): Write the word help on the board.  Sing “The Holy Ghost” (CS, 105), and invite the children to count things mentioned in the song that the Holy Ghost does to help us.  
Before Primary, prepare 10 pieces of paper with a CTR shield drawn on the front.  On the back of each paper, write one of the following 5 phrases describing how the Holy Ghost helps us: 
– the Holy Ghost comforts us
– the Holy Ghost testifies of Jesus Christ
– the Holy Ghost teaches us
– the Holy Ghost tells us what to do or not do
– the Holy Ghost helps us to do good
Each phrase will be on two different papers.  Place the papers on the board in random order with the CTR shields facing the children.  Invite a child to turn over one of the papers.  Say the words on the back together.  Choose another child to turn over another paper and try ot make a match.  Say the words on the back together.  If the papers match, take them off the board.  If they do not match, turn them back over.  Repeat until all the matches have been made. 
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing scriptures): Divide the children into groups.  Give each group one of the following scripture references:
John 14:26
John 15:26
2 Nephi 32:5
D&C 11:12
Ask each group to read their scripture and discuss what it means.  Invite the children and their teachers to share examples of how they have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
Wow! What a week it’s been for us here at the Perron household. My kids have been sick for 10 days now, with fevers, throwing up, coughs, and something known as Hand, foot and mouth disease! Yeah, I thought my little girl just had fever blisters and a heat rash. Then I called my sister and was talking about it and she freaked out and told me it sounds like hand, foot, and mouth disease. So, we’ve had lots of sleepless nights, and sad little kids runnin’ around the house. And to make it worse, she was sick on her 1st birthday. 🙁
But luckily we’re on the road to recovery. 

I decided to just re-use some ideas from past years, hope you don’t mind. One idea is from last year and it is very similar to this year’s idea from the outline. Take a look, and hopefully it can help you out.

Click the links below to read my Sharing Time Ideas:

Have a wonderful week everyone, and a great Sharing Time!!



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  1. Thank you SO much for always sharing your fabulous ideas with us! I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I have looked on your site for ideas for a very long time, and im never disappointed Thank you!

  2. I hope your little ones are feeling better. As always, thank you!

  3. Thanks for giving us some options… we’re in the middle of Hand, Foot and mouth too!!! My baby got it just 2 weeks after his first birthday and now my 4 year old has it too… good luck! I hope this passes quickly!

  4. Collette: Thanks so much for your kind comment. I want you to know it’s comments like these that keep me going. 🙂

    Thanks for all the sweet comments. We are all doing better and are back to normal.