The First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are Prophets: Sharing Time Idea for week #2 of March 2012

Sharing Time Idea from the 2012 Primary Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Write on the board, “The First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are prophets”.   Tell the children that in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are led by the President of the Church, his two counselors in the First Presidency, and the Twelve Apostles.  Explain that the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are prophets.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (playing a matching game): Gather pictures of six members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, and write their names on separate pieces of paper.  Put the papers and pictures face down on the board.  Have a child turn over a picture, and invite another child to turn over a piece of paper with a name on it.  If the picture and name do not match, put them back in place and allow two other children to choose.  If the papers match, whisper to the two children a gospel principle the leader taught in the most recent general conference (see the latest conference issue of the Ensign or Liahona), and have them act out a way they can live the principle.  Invite the other children to guess what they are doing.

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
Hello! I hope all of you are having a great week so far. Tonight is our Relief Society Birthday dinner, so I’ve been busy getting ready for that.
When I read this week’s idea the game ‘Don’t Eat The Prophet’ popped into my head. Have you heard of that one? You have a several pictures of Prophets or The first presidency and the twelve apostles layed out on the floor/table. Have them face up in rows. Then on top of each one you place a piece of candy or cereal or any other type of food item.
Have a child leave the room and have the group pick a card. Then invite the child to come back in and start picking a card (as they pick a card they eat the candy on that card). When they pick the card that the other children has chosen everyone yells ‘Don’t Eat the Prophet!”
Fun game! Younger kids love it! So I thought why not do a life-size ‘Don’t Eat the Prophet’?

Life-Size “Don’t Eat/Pick the Prophet”: Have a picture of the each member of the First Presidency and also a picture of each of the Twelve Apostles. On the back write a few facts about each person or a principle that he has taught.
You will need 15 helpers to help you out with this game. You can use the children or have teachers and parents come in (I think having the adults would be alot of fun).
Have the helpers sit in rows and have them hold up their pictures (you could have the first row on little chairs, the second row on big chairs and the third row standing up). 
To play the game invite a child to step out into the hall. Choose another child to come to the front and pick a person. Once the person is picked have everyone sit down, and then invite the child to return to the Primary room. Have them slowly start picking people. When the ‘secret’ person is picked have everyone say ‘Don’t Pick the Prophet!’
Then invite that person to share a fact about that person.
If you want to play it like the original game, with eating, then have a bowl of M&M’s or Starbursts, or cereal, etc. As the child chooses people have them eat a candy/cereal until the ‘secret’ person is found.

This would be a great game to play in place of the matching game given in the Outline.

Senior Primary Sharing Time Ideas
Here’s an Idea from Sugardoodle:
A reader shared this idea on Sugardoodle and I thought it would be fun too. I just shared an idea similar to this a few weeks ago. Here is the idea:
A Karen: I was thinking of doing a “punch” board, (like on ‘Price is Right’). You use foam board with holes cut in it and attach paper bags to the back so that each hole has a corresponding bag behind it to put something in. Then you cover the holes on the front with tissue paper, so the children punch in the hole and reach out the items. In each hole they punch I’ll put a paper with an apostle name and an item representing the talk they gave in the recent conference. They’ll then match the name with the pictures on the board of the 12 apostles and I’ll briefly describe to them what each apostle spoke about using the item as a visual to go along with it. I just need to come up with ideas for items representing their topics. Anyone have ideas? I’ll post mine as I get them if people are interested.”

Another Idea using the punch board:
Inside the punch board have different topics that the Prophet and Apostles talked about at the previous conference (examples: Missionary Work, Baptism, Service, etc.). You will also need several conference editions of the Ensign.
Inside each punch box have the topics or the names of the talks. Then have the pictures of the Apostles posted on a bulletin/poster-board. 
Split the Primary children into teams or have them play as one whole team or children against teachers.
Invite a child up to punch a box. Then have him/her read the talk/quote/or name of the talk that was inside the box. Then have the children search through the conference Ensign and find the Apostle that spoke about that topic.
It’s kind of like a scripture search, but with Conference talks. Then you can discuss that talk and the principle that was taught. Then invite the next child up to punch a box.
Other Options instead of the punch-board: You don’t have to create a punch-a-box for this idea, you could come up with another way to do the above idea, here’s just a few ideas: Put the topics/quotes inside of balloons and have the children pop them. Have them inside of bags, or just have them typed up onto cards and have the cards posted on a poster-board face down.

Need an idea of what a ‘Punch Board’ looks like. Here is a great picture from Monique Draper. She emailed me this picture. As soon as I saw it I said ‘WOW!’ She used the left over circles that she cut out to place at the top. I LOVE it!
And her adorable daughter makes the picture that much better. 🙂
Thanks Monique! She used this as a Singing Time game, I’ll share her idea later on this week.

Ok, those are my idea for this week. I hope you have a great week and a great Sharing Time!


Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Thank you so much for this idea. I love it and was struggling how to teach this to the Jr Primary. This will work perfect!

  2. Thank you so much for this idea. I was struggling with how to teach it to the Jr Primary and this will be perfect!

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I did a punch game this week with the senior primary and they were delighted! Definitely one to remember for future sharing time lessons.