Spiritual Crocodiles: A Sharing Time Idea for the 4th Week of March

A wonderful Sister (who is Anonymous, you’ll have to let us know who you are so we can all thank you), left a comment yesterday sharing a wonderful idea for this week’s Sharing Time. Here is what she said:


“We used this topic last week, so that we can use the first week of April’s this week. Then we won’t miss anything during Conference weekend. I told the story that Elder Packer told in a 1976 Conference talk about Spiritual crocodiles. I got a safari hat and used my binos. I had pictures to go along with the story to keep their attention. Then I talked about how we are just like Elder Packer and the Prophet is our guide. He can see things that we can’t and if we follow his counsel we will be safe. Then I handed each child a paper with a little crocodile that said “spiritual crocodiles.” I had them write or draw something they need to work on (ie bad language, being mean to siblings, etc.) and then promised them if they listened diligently to conference that the apostles and prophet would share something that would help them avoid their spiritual crocodiles. One of my favorite lessons in a long time!”
As soon as I read her comment I loved it! Sister you are an answer to my prayers :).
I know the children would love the ‘Spiritual Crocodiles’ because what little child doesn’t love animals, especially little boys and crocodiles.
I had a few ideas that I just thought up real quick that could go along with Elder Packer’s talk, here is what I thought of:
Idea #1: ‘Don’t Find the Crocodile!’: Type/write several teachings from the Prophets (i.e.-You kept the Sabbath Day Holy, You payed your Tithing, etc.) on pieces of paper.
Then find a picture of a crocodile and type/write below the picture something that has to do with not following the Prophet’s teachings. Make several of these also. Something like this:
Click Here to download the crocodile clipart.
(This clipart came from Microsoft Word 2010.)
On a poster-board, bulletin board, chalkboard or around the Primary Room have your prophet teachings and your ‘crocodiles posted. You will want to post these so that the back is facing the children (so they don’t know which is a good teaching and which is a crocodile). Have the children take turns coming up and choosing a card to flip over.
If they flip over a good card you could do something like…give them a certain amount of points, etc. But if they pick a crocodile you could take points away. For Jr. Primary you could have everyone do ‘crocodile mouth’ with their hands and have them ‘bite’ their neighbors to represent they’ve been bitten by a ‘Spiritual crocodile’.
You could even (ahead of time) make brown paper bag crocodile puppets and hand to each child. Then when a crocodile is chosen they can ‘bite’ themselves or their neighbor. Just make sure things dont’ get too out of hand, haha.
Idea #2: Match Game: For the match game you will just need 1 or 2 crocodile cards. But instead of typing up something bad below the crocodile type something like “You’ve been BIT by the Spiritual Crocodile!’ For your ‘teaching cards’ you could have teachings typed up or have a picture of something (tithing, Family Home Evening,etc.)
Have your cards posted on a bulletin board, chalkboard or poster-board. Have a child come to the front and choose 2 cards to flip over. Show all the children the two that were flipped over and ask what/discuss what they are. If they aren’t matches flip them back over and choose another child. Flip the cards until a match is found.
Warn the children that somewhere among the ‘Teaching cards’ are ‘Spiritual Crocodiles’. Tell them that if one of those is flipped over we’ll be ‘bit’. You can come up with something to do when one of the crocodiles are flipped over.
Play until all matches are found or you run out of time.
Idea #3: Bean Bag Toss: I know I just posted this idea last week, but I did this game last week for my Sharing Time and the children LOVED it. So here is another bean bag toss idea:
Have several buckets. Begin by placing some teachings from the prophets and some crocodiles into each bucket. Invite a child to come to the front and toss a beanbag into a bucket. Then have them pick the piece of paper out of the bucket.
If it’s a good card award them with a certain amount of points and discuss the teaching on the card. If it’s bad subtract a certain amount of points and discuss why that is bad.
Have everyone on a team and give them a set amount of points that they have to reach.
You can have the points on the front of the bucket or on each individual card.
Idea #4: Life-size board game: For each square have a teaching from a prophet or a crocodile. When setting up your board game place the squares upside down, so the children can’t see what is on each square (a teaching or a crocodile).
Invite a child to go to the ‘Start’ and roll a dice. Then have him/her move the number of spaces. When he/she gets to their square have them flip it over to reveal what it is. When they land on a crocodile you could have them move back so many spaces. When they move back they won’t need to flip over the new square.
When we do the life-size board game we take turns, giving each child a chance to be the game piece.
If this is too hard, just make a game board on a poster-board.

Prophet Match Idea

I have also shared another great idea using President Packer’s talk. You can take a look at the ideas, HERE!
Alright, I hope you enjoy these ideas. And once again THANK YOU!!! to the sister who shared your wonderful idea with all of us. Great idea!
Have a wonderful week everyone and a great Sharing Time!


Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. I love the crocodile you have on here. Is there any way you can email it to me. I want to do what you did with the one you have, but cant find it. And maybe so i can just switch the sayings out. Thanks jchafen5@gmail.com

  2. Wow wow wow! I love the spiritual crocodiles, and you come up with the cutest games and ideas. I wish I were as talented as you at coming up with games and ideas. But, for now I will be grateful that you seem to help me week after week!

  3. Anonymous

    great idea! Thank you! Is there any way you could post your cute croc picture so I could use it and just change the underneath scenario? I can’t format mine correctly. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this idea!! I am totally going on safari this weekend. We will start with reading the talk by Elder Packer. I’ll put up some targets around the room with some “spiritual crocodiles” on the back. The kids will get a chance to shoot them with a nerf gun, and when they hit the target, we can talk about the different temptations and how they can affect your life.
    I am really excited about this lesson. Thank you so much for the idea 🙂

  5. I saw her comment as well, and I am doing the same type of thing. My primary kids will love it!

  6. Anonymous

    Where did you get your cute crocodile clip art?

  7. I am combining pretty much all of these ideas and came up with something my Primary will absolutely love!! We are using the Bean Bag Toss board and calling the holes “elephant footprints” (From Packers talk)Each hole will have blue fabric(water) behind it so they cant see behind the hole. They will choose from a jar of prophet teachings, questions, songs, activities, and crocodiles (from your clipart…thx)They do what it says on the card they choose and put it in the elephant footprint of their choosing. If it wasn’t a crocodile they were kept safe by following the prophet and their turn ends but if they draw a crocodile when they put it in the footprint they will be bitten!! I have someone with a crocodile puppet hidden behind the board that will pop out and startle or “bite” them. This might not be for everyone but my particular primary will have a blast!! Thanks for all the idea help!! 🙂

  8. Brook

    I am super excited about this! We are doing a matching game for jr primary and for sr we are doing a quote matching game with President Monson’s most recent articles. I also am dressing up the Primary room (and myself and the Presidency)like we are on a safari. I found these cute little costumes pieces for the Presidency to wear as the animals I see on the Safari and am using a stuffed animal crocodile to do the biting. I feel like there is more, but I am just super hyped and feel like this is just right for our Primary! THANK YOU!!

  9. I LOVED this sharing time! I downloaded 25 pictures for the lesson and dressed up like a guide. Also brought a bunch of stuffed animals to keep the little ones in their seats (they had to sit down to keep holding them). Senior primary was so quiet paying attention to every word. Then after the Spiritual Crocodile talk we played a game. I had a group of paper animals cut out on the board, a gated area was designated the ‘safe zone’, a big crocodile picture, cards with spiritual crocodiles and other cards with prophet teachings. They were able to save animals and put them in the safe zone when a prophet teaching was selected and when a crocodile came up with a bad teaching the crocodile ate the animal. FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!!!