{Sharing Time} We Should Thank Heavenly Father For All Our Blessings.

Sharing Time Idea From the 2013 Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Show the children one or two items that someone has given you. Explain that these gifts are important to you and that you have said “Thank you” for them. Ask the children to share other ways we can show our gratitude for gifts we receive. Ask the children who we should thank for all our blessings. Discuss reasons we should thank Heavenly Father for all our blessings.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (making lists): In five separate sacks, place a piece of paper, a pen, and one of the following items: a picture of a Church meetinghouse, an article of clothing, scriptures, a picture of a family, and a picture of the Savior. Divide the children into groups, and give each group one of the sacks. Have each group look at the item in their sack and write on the paper one way they can show gratitude for it. Then ask them to put the item, paper, and pen back in the sack and pass it to another group. Let each group have a turn with each sack, and then invite each group to share what is written on the list in their sack.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing ideas): Ask a few children to share what they have learned from this activity and what they will do to apply it in their lives.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
‘Blessings Tree’
For this week’s idea I am using an idea from The Friend’ {Nov. 2004}.
For Sharing Time you and the children will be creating your very own Blessings Tree!

On a large poster-board draw or print out a large tree with no or few leaves.

Next, cut out some leaves. Cut out as many as you would like. On each leaf have a word (blessing), a picture of a blessing, a scripture, or a question {use the words from the outline for some of your leaves}. Place all of your leaves into a bucket or sack.
For Sharing Time: Have your bare tree up at the front of the room.
Tell the children that today they are going to help you make a ‘blessings tree’. Show them your bucket of leaves and explain that inside the bucket are a bunch of leaves. On each of the leaves is a blessing (word or picture) or a question.
Invite a child up to the front of the room and have them pick a leaf. If they pick a word or picture have them look at the item on the leaf and share one way they can show gratitude for it.
Then have them attach the leaf to the tree.
If they pick a question or scripture, have them read it & answer the question. Then have them attach the leaf to the tree.
You could also have a few blank leaves. When a blank leaf is chosen have the child share a blessing that they are grateful for.
At the end of your lesson you will have a beautiful ‘Blessings Tree’. Discuss the many blessings that we should be thankful for. Encourage the children to remember each of their blessings and to let Heavenly Father know how thankful we are for each of them.
 I hope you have a great time creating your very own ‘Blessings Tree’.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day & a wonderful Sharing Time.


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