{Sharing Time} Prophets Are Called by God

Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Primary Outline

INTRODUCE THE DOCTRINE: Write each of the following words on separate strips of paper: Prophets, are, called, by, God. Give the strips of paper to five children. Arrange the children in front of the Primary so the words are out of order. Invite other children to arrange the words in the correct order. Repeat the sentence together.

 ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING: Prepare clues about how Moses, Lehi, and Joseph Smith were called by God. For example, the clues about Moses could be: “I was called by God as He spoke to me from a burning bush”; “God called me to write the first five books of the Bible”; and “God called me to lead His people out of Egypt.” Choose three children to represent these prophets, and invite them to give the clues to the Primary. Invite the children to raise their hand when they think they know who the prophet is. Have the children say the answer together. After they have identified each prophet, read a scripture about that prophet (Moses: Exodus 3:4–5; Lehi: 1 Nephi 1:5–6; Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith—History 1:16–17). Point out that Moses was called by God, Lehi was called by God, and Joseph Smith was called by God. Tell the children that all prophets are called by God.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION: Ask the children, “Who is our prophet today?” Show a picture of the current President of the Church. Explain that he was called by God. Have the children discuss in class groups how they can follow the current prophet. Invite a child from each class to come to the front and act out one thing they discussed in their group. Invite the other children to guess what the action is. Ask the child to share how following the prophet in this way will bless his or her life.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
For this week’s Sharing Time I thought it would be fun to invite some men to Primary and play a ‘Who Am I’ game.

For this Sharing Time you will need to ask 3 men to dress up like one of the prophets listed in the outline (Moses, Lehi, Joseph Smith). Explain that they will be reading clues to the children about that particular prophet. The children will then be guessing who they are.
Other Items you will need:
-‘Prophet‘ typed or written onto a piece of paper, big enough for the children to see.
-‘Prophets are called by God.’ typed or written on a piece of paper, big enough for children to see.
-GAK Picture 107: Moses
-GAK Picture 300: Lehi
-GAK Picture 400: Joseph Smith
-A Picture of President Monson
To Begin
Post the ‘Prophet’ sign on the board and ask the children what the word says. Then ask, “What do you think of when you hear that word?”
Perhaps you think of a prophet from Old Testament times, wearing a long robe. Or a Book of Mormon prophet holding the Liahona. Perhaps your prophet is old, like Moses, or did you imagine a young boy prophet like Josiah? Maybe you thought of today’s prophet, who wears a suit and tie?
But it doesn’t matter what the prophets look like or how old they are, the most important thing is that the Prophets are called by God and they are called to be messengers for our Heavenly Father. {From The Friend}
Underneath the word Prophet, post the sign ‘Prophets are called by God.’
What does that mean, Prophets are called by God?
Who chooses the Prophets? Do we all vote? Does your Dad get to choose who he thinks should be the Prophet? NO! Prophets are called by God!
Throughout the History of the church, the Prophets have always been called by God.
Who Am I?
Today we have some visitors coming in to Primary. They are going to share some clues/information and you are going to have to guess who they are.
Are you ready to meet them?
Invite the men in one at a time or all at once…up to you.
You can also choose to post the pictures of each of the prophets on the chalkboard to help give the children a little hint or wait to show the picture until after they have guessed who it is.
Invite the first ‘helper’ up to the front and have him read his clues aloud (I have provided some clues below). Have the children listen to the clues and when they think they know who it is have them raise their hand.
 Another Way to Play:
{You could also post the pictures in different areas of the room and have the children go stand by the picture of who they think it is.}
After the prophet has been guessed correctly invite the next helper up and have him read his clues aloud. Continue until all clues have been read and each prophet has been guessed.
– I was called by God as He spoke to me from a burning bush.
– I led my people out of bondage in Egypt.
– The Lord revealed the Ten Commandments to me.
– Exodus 3: 4-5
– I warned the people in Jerusalem to repent or they would be destroyed.
– The Lord told me to take my family and flee into the wilderness.
– One night the Lord told me that we must continue our journey into the wilderness. The
   next morning I went to the door of my tent, and found the Liahona.
– 1 Nephi 2: 1-2
Joseph Smith
– I went to the woods and prayed to know which church I should join.
– Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to me and told me to to join none of the churches that existed
– I was obedient to God and helped restore the true Church of Jesus Christ to the earth.
– Joseph Smith History 1:16-17
To close, tell the children that you have one more Prophet that they need to guess {President Monson}. Read the clues (below) aloud and have the children raise their hand when they know who it is.
– This Prophet is the sixteenth prophet of our church.
– This Prophet was born in Salt Lake City, UT
– And this prophet was called by God to be our Prophet today.
Bear testimony that Prophets are called by God.
You could have President Monson’s picture on a bulletin/chalkboard. Cover the picture with a piece of paper and draw a big question mark on the front. Then reveal the picture after you have read the clues.
I hope you enjoy my Sharing Time Idea that I have shared today. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!


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