{Sharing Time} Prophets & Apostles Show us How to Serve.

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Display pictures of Moses, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, and Thomas S. Monson. Tell the children that these prophets, just like all prophets and apostles, show us how to serve others.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (playing a guessing game): Prepare clues about how Moses, King Benjamin, Joseph Smith, and Thomas S. Monson show us how to serve. For example, some clues about President Monson could be “I visited widows from my ward regularly,” “When I was a boy I gave another boy one of my favorite toys,” and “I often visit people who are in hospitals.” You may want to use the following references to prepare the clues. Moses: Exodus 2:16–17; 1 Nephi 17:24–29. King Benjamin: Mosiah 2:12–19. Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith—History 1:62, 67; D&C 135:3. Thomas S. Monson: Ensign, Sept. 1994, 12–17; Dec. 1995, 2–4; Nov. 2006, 56–59. Choose four children to represent these prophets, and invite one of them to read the clues you have prepared. Invite the other children to raise their hands when they think they know who the prophet is. Then have them find the picture of that prophet. Repeat with the other prophets

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (listening to conference): Invite the children to watch or listen to general conference next month. Encourage them to listen for stories about how to serve others. Give them opportunities to share what they learn

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
This week my ideas that I will be sharing are actually from other people.

The first idea I wanted to share was a fun Matching Game from Courtney Aitken of All Things Bright & Beautiful. 

Here’s a peek of what her cards look like:
Aren’t they great? I absolutely love everything Courtney creates.

Here is what Courtney said about her Matching Game:
“I decided to create a fun little game based on the outline 
It is a fun and simple matching activity that could either be used in sharing time or in the home!
I selected a few different prophets who exemplified great service from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Latter Days.  For each prophet I created two matching cards.
One card has a picture and name of the prophet.
The second has qualities and characteristics for that particular prophet specific to their service). Each card also has a back design (all back designs are the same) that read, ‘Examples of Service From the Prophets’  The cards are also color coordinated for younger children who might not know the exact coordinating characteristics. 
 Children can take turns flipping over cards in search of matches.
My thought is if this were to be used for a sharing time or FHE, time could be taken after a match is found to discuss the prophet and how they served as a group using scriptures, stories, etc.”
If you’d like to print out Courtney’s Apostle Matching Game then visit her blog Here.
And be sure to leave her a comment.
Thanks Courtney for sharing!
Prophets & Apostles Jeopardy
The second idea I am going to share comes once again from my sister, Shawnna Lazo.
Shawnna has created a Prophets & Apostles Jeopardy for this week’s theme.
She did her homework and studied up on several Prophets & Apostles, and wanted to share it with all of you.
For her Jeopardy there are 5 categories: 
Old Testament Prophets
Service While in Youth
Service While Holding a Church Calling
Teaching About Service or How Others Have Served

Apostles Serving

 For each category there are 5 questions. 

To Set-Up : At the top of a chalkboard, bulletin board, or foam board place the 5 category titles.
Underneath each category you will place the appropriate questions in the order that they are typed up.
Cover each question with one of the dollar amount signs, starting with $100 and ending with $500 at the bottom. 
To Play: You could play like the actual Jeopardy game & invite 2 children up to the front of the room. Give each child a bell or a horn. Have a child that is sitting down pick a category & a question. Read the question aloud and if one of the children knows the answers have them ring their bell/horn.
If they answer correctly award that team the amount of dollars that the question was worth. If answered correctly you will give the other team a chance to answer.
If an answer is answered incorrectly by both teams no one is awarded the points and you will share the answer and discuss it with the children.

If a child answers correctly they can stay up and pick a new question to answer. When a question is answered incorrectly have the child(ren) sit down and let a new child come to the front.

Another Way to Play: Play as a whole Primary and try to get to a certain amount of points. Take turns choosing a child to pick a question. When a question is answered correctly award the Primary the amount that the question was worth. If answered incorrectly award no points, but share the answer and discuss with the children.

My sister has kindly typed this all up and wanted to share it.
If you would like to use her Sharing Time just…

Here is the Answer key:
Old Testament Prophets
$200- Daniel           
$300- Noah
$400- Moses
$500- Enoch
Service while in Youth
$100- Samuel
$200- Heber J. Grant
$300- Howard W. Hunter
$400- David O. McKay
$500- Quentin L. Cook
Service While Holding a Church Calling
$100- Gordon B. Hinckley
$200- Brigham Young
$300- Harold B. Lee
$400- Thomas S. Monson
$500- Ezra Taft Benson
Teaching about Service or How others have served
$100- Joseph Smith
$200- Mormon
$300- Spencer W. Kimball
$400- Joseph F. Smith
$500- George Albert Smith
Apostles Serving
$100- Dieter F. Uchtdorf
$200- Richard G. Scott
$300- Henry B. Eyering
$400- M. Russell Ballard
$500- Robert D. Hales

I want to say Thank You to my sister for all her hard work & for sharing her wonderful Sharing Time.
I hope all of you have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!



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  1. Love, love! I just pinned this!

  2. Hi Sheena,
    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing ideas. I just got called into Primary a week ago as Primary President, and It’s my first time to serve in Primary. It’s a bit scary but also very exciting. I think I will be coming onto your page a lot to look for ideas to help me when I am running sharing time. So, thank you once again for sharing not only your ideas but your talent in creating these amazing ideas to help people like me.

    1. Congratulations on your new calling! You will be amazing and will love serving in the Primary. I am so glad you found me and like the ideas. I hope your lesson went well. Thanks! *hugs*