{Sharing Time Idea} When I Take the Sacrament, I Renew My Baptismal Covenants: 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for June 2013

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (looking at pictures): Show a picture of baptism and a picture of the sacrament and ask how the two are related. Remind the children that we make covenants when we are baptized, and explain that when we take the sacrament we renew our baptismal covenants.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (listening and discussing): Invite the children to point either to themselves or to heaven to identify who is making the promise as you read the following statements from the sacrament prayer (see D&C 20:77): “take upon them the name of thy Son”; “always remember him”; “keep his commandments”; “always have of each phrase.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (doing actions): Ask the children to think of an action to remind them of each part of the covenant we hear in the sacrament prayer, such as placing their hand on their heart (take upon them the name of thy Son); pointing to their forehead (always remember him); opening their hands like a book (keep his commandments); and wrapping their arms around themselves (always have his Spirit). Repeat all four promises with the actions several times. Encourage the children to review these actions in their minds when they hear the sacrament prayers.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
For this Sharing Time you will be discussing promises that we make. The children will be wearing different costumes using props to discuss these promises. Then you will compare those promises to the covenants we make at baptism.
To begin this Sharing Time you will need several costumes or props for the children to wear/use. Here are some examples:
Team uniform/Athletic uniform:
helmets, jersey, equipment (bat, ball, etc.)
Babysitting props:
baby doll
Lawn Mowing Job:
lawn mower
Before Primary ask 3 children to be your helpers. Have the children dress in the costume (if needed) or gather their props. Invite them to stand out in the hall until you are ready.
Invite the first child into the Primary Room. Ask the other children what this person’s job/role is. Once all the children have figured out what the child is portraying you could say something like this:
“{Child’s Name} is on my basketball team. {Child’s Name}, what do you promise when you become part of a team? (Answers could be: to come to practice, come to games, to do my best, obey the rules, etc.) OK, so since you are on my basketball team you promise to…..{repeat the child’s answers}.
Invite the next child in and ask the children what this child’s job is.
“I have asked {child’s name} to babysit for me. What can I expect from her when she agrees to baby-sit for me? (answers could be: to take care of your children, obey your rules, etc.)
Invite the last child into the Primary Room and have the children guess what their job is.
“{Child’s Name} will be mowing my lawn for the summer. What can I expect from him when he agrees to mow my lawn for me? (Answers could be: I will mow once a week, I won’t mow over your cat, haha, etc.)
Continue to discuss the promises that the children have made. Then tell the children that sometimes promises can be a two-way promise, meaning if you keep your promises then I will promises to do something for you. For example:
Stand next to the child that is babysitting. If {child’s name} keeps her promise and babysits my children then what could I promise her?
I could promise her that I will be home at a certain time, that she will be safe staying in my home, and that I will pay her once I get home.
Stand next to the child who is mowing the lawn. And if {child’s name} keeps his promises and mows my lawn for the summer what could I promise him? I could promise him that if he comes every Wednesday to my home, I will have my lawn mower ready, and I will pay him for his hard work.
Today we are going to discuss one of the most important promises, or covenants, you will ever make.
Show a picture of baptism and a picture of the sacrament and 
ask how the two pictures are related. Remind the children that we make covenants with Heavenly Father when we are baptized, and explain that when we take the sacrament we renew our baptismal covenants.
Use one of the activities below to discuss the covenants/promises we make.
Covenant Matching Game
On a chalkboard or poster-board have 2 columns labeled: “I Promise” & “Heavenly Father Promises”.
Next, make up some cards that have the promises we make:
“take upon them the name of thy Son”
 “always remember him”
“keep his commandments”

Have the children flip over to ‘Covenant Cards’ and read them aloud. If they don’t match have the children flip them back over. If the two cards match, have the child read it aloud and share what they think it means. Then have them decide whether that is something we promise or Heavenly Father promises.
Continue until all matches have been found.
Covenant Scramble
Once again have a board with two categories labeled: “I Promise” and “Heavenly Father Promises”.
Read D&C 20:77 and find the promises/covenants in the scripture.
Then type/write each statement onto slips of paper {have the words fairly big, so they’re easy to read}. Then cut the phrase into pieces, you could cut each word or make it a little easier and have 2 words per slip. Then place those pieces into an envelope.
Repeat this with the rest of the covenants from the scripture.
For this game you will split the Primary children into groups. Explain that inside the envelope is a promise. They have to work together to unscramble the sentence. When they think they have unscrambled the phrase have them sit reverently until the other groups are finished.
Once everyone has unscrambled their phrase have one group at a time come to the front of the Primary and read their statement aloud. Discuss what it means, and then have them place their statement under the appropriate column: “I Promise” or “Heavenly Father Promises”.
Father’s Day Ideas
Here are some ideas that you could use for Father’s Day. They’re really similar to my ideas above, but you’ll be inviting some Fathers into Primary to help you out.
Dad Dress-Up
Instead of having the children dress up in costume or props invite some Father’s to come in and help you out. This could turn out to be a really great activity. You could have them dress up in their own work uniform or do something silly.
To discuss the covenants in D&C 20:77 I thought you could this:
Invite some Father’s to come in & represent one of the covenants.
You could make each father a little sign with their statement/promise typed or written on it.
At the front of the room have chairs for the fathers to sit in and have a poster with two columns that says: “I Promise” & “Heavenly Father Promises”.
Invite the fathers in and have them sit down. Then choose a child to pick one of the Fathers. Have the Father show the children their promise/covenant and then have them discuss it with the children.
They can share with the children what that particular promise means to them, they could ask questions, etc. After they have discussed the promise, have them ask the children who makes this promise. Then have him place it under the appropriate column.
Continue until each Father has shared his promise.

And that’s all I have today. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend & a great Sharing Time!



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