{Sharing Time Idea} The Priesthood Can Bless & Strengthen My Family


IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (playing a guessing game): Tell the children that you are going to give them some clues about something that blesses and strengthens families. Ask them to raise their hands when they know the answer. Give some clues about the priesthood, such as “Fathers with this can bless their families” and “Boys who are 12 can receive this.” After the children have guessed correctly, say together, “The priesthood can bless and strengthen my family.”

  ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (discussing the priesthood): Ask the children to name some things priesthood holders can do (for example, baptize, give the gift of the Holy Ghost, bless the sick, and pass the sacrament). Show pictures of these ordinances and blessings as you discuss them, and help the children understand how they bless and strengthen families. Show a picture of a temple. Explain that one of the greatest blessings of the priesthood is that it makes it possible to go to the temple and be sealed together as a family forever.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (sharing ideas): Invite several children to stand and share one or two ways the priesthood has blessed and strengthened their families. Encourage them to share these ideas with their families at home.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

Priesthood Grab Bag: In a bag or other container have several different objects that represent things that priesthood holders can do.
Baptize– a number 8 or water
Gift of the Holy Ghost– picture of a gift, hands (laying on of hands), etc.
Sacrament: Bread & Water
At the front of the room have a picture for each of your objects (use pictures from the Gospel Art Kit/Book)
Have the pictures posted on a chalkboard where everyone can see them.
Invite a child up to the front and have them pick an item from the grab bag. Have them look at the item and then try to match it to the picture it goes to.
So, if they pick the number eight they will need to match it to the picture of baptism.
After the child has matched the item to the correct picture, discuss the ordinance and blessings and help the children understand how it blesses and strengthens families.
Priesthood Puzzle: I saw this great idea in ‘The Friend’ {May2004} and thought it would be a great activity for this week’s Sharing Time.
Even though boys in Primary aren’t old enough to hold the Priesthood, they can prepare now to receive it. Both boys & girls can learn more about the Priesthood and how it blesses & strengthens families. Today we’re going to learn more about the Priesthood by helping out this boy.
 For today’s sharing time, the children are going to be helping this boy (picture above) get ready for church by answering questions about the priesthood.
In the above picture the boy is separated into 8 squares. In each square you will see a word. The word in each square is an answer to 8 questions.
If you decide to use this as your sharing time, I would make up a new set of questions and answers.
You could make up questions about different ordinances like baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, the Sacrament, etc.
You could also have stories about people that received a priesthood blessing. Read the story and then ask a question.
As the children answer the questions have them place a piece of the puzzle over the boy in the pajamas.
Another Puzzle Idea
After I saw the puzzle idea from The Friend, I thought of another idea that you could use.
On a chalkboard or written/typed onto a piece of paper, have the phrase:
The Priesthood Can Bless and Strengthen ________.
You will also need a picture of a family cut into puzzle pieces. You will need a question for each puzzle piece, so make as many or as little as needed.
Show the children your phrase and read it aloud. You could make up some silly answer and tell the children that’s what you think it is…something like ‘animals’ or ‘super heroes’ or ‘princesses’. 🙂
Tell the children that to figure out the missing word they are going to have to put a puzzle together. But in order to get the puzzle pieces, they have to answer questions about the Priesthood.
You can have the puzzle pieces in a bag, bucket, hidden around the room, etc.
Invite a child to find a puzzle piece. Once they have found a piece ask the child a question. If answered correctly have them place the puzzle piece in the appropriate place.
Continue doing this until all puzzle pieces have been found. Ask the children what the picture/puzzle is? FAMILY!
Fill in the missing word and then read the phrase aloud again.
Discuss with the children how the Priesthood blesses & strengthens families.
2 Team Priesthood Puzzle
This would be a fun idea for Sr. Primary.
Split the Primary into 2 teams and give each team a list of questions. Number each question and make sure there are the same number of questions as puzzle pieces.
Tell the children that they must work as a team to answer each question. After they have answered a question have someone come to the front of the room and tell you the answer. If they answer the question correctly give them a puzzle piece and have them return to their group to answer another question.
Once they have answered all questions correctly have them put the puzzle together.
Once they have put the puzzle together have them fill in the missing word.


I hope you enjoy my ideas that I have shared today.
As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!




Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this – as always, amazing!!! Your time and effort is very much appreciated by so many people all around the world 🙂

  2. Love the priesthood grab bag-been looking for something to help introduce the lesson for junior primary and this is brilliant! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    Love the priesthood grab bag! I have been looking for something to help introduce the lesson to junior primary and that is genius! Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your ideas! They are way more practical for our primary than a lot of the other sites.

  5. I love all your ideas. Do you know how we can enlarge the puzzle with the boy so the kids in Primary can see it? Mine gets too fuzzy when I do it.

  6. Ashley

    is there a file to download so I can make the boy bigger? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley. The boy image is actually one that I found on LDS.org. Sorry.