Sharing Time Idea for 2nd week of February: Jesus Christ Created the Earth for Me.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2011 Sharing Time Outline:
Encourage understanding (drawing pictures): Brainstorm with the children things they do that have an order to them, such as tying a shoe or getting ready for bed. Explain that in the scriptures we learn that Jesus created the earth in a certain order. Divide the children into six groups and give each group a scripture reference describing one day of the Creation (see Moses 2). Ask each group to draw pictures of their day. Have them show their pictures to the other children and tell them what was created on that day. Invite the children to place the pictures in the correct order on the board.
Encourage application (playing with dough or drawing): Ask the children, “What is one thing Jesus created that is important to you?” Give each child a small amount of salt dough (see TNGC, 165, for a salt dough recipe). Let the children use the dough to make the creation that is important to them. (If salt dough is not available, the children could draw a picture of it instead.) Have the children share in their class groups what they have made or drawn and why it is important to them. Sing “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” ( CS,
Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
Here is my idea for the 2nd week of February. I thought it would be neat to introduce the topic with blindfolding different children and have them try to guess what different objects are (God’s creations). You could have them smell a flower, an onion, etc. Or have them taste something. Have the children roar like a lion or ‘meow’ like a cat and have a child guess what animal it is.
After you have guessed all of your objects you could tell the children that these are all part of God’s creations.
For Jr. Primary I thought they would really enjoy drawing pictures. So I included a little activity/game that has the children drawing something from each of the days of the creation.
For Sr. Primary I thought they’d probably like to play a game. I used one of my past game ideas and changed it to fit this week’s topic.
The children will be in teams. Each team will have 7 pieces of paper with different creations on each; Heaven & Earth; Sun, Moon & Stars; Fish & Birds, etc. 
You will read a scripture aloud and the teams will then have to race to find the correct answer first.
At the front of the room you will have a poster-board/bulletin board/chalkboard split into 7 sections labeled ‘Day 1’, ‘Day 2’, etc. There will also be chairs with points on each one. After they have found their answer that they think is correct one person from the team will take the answer and go sit on of the the ‘points chairs’.
Once a person from each team is sitting in one of the ‘points chairs’ you will reveal the correct answer. If they have the correct answer their team will be rewarded the amount of points that is on their chair.
If they answered incorrectly the amount of points on their chair will be taken away from their team’s total.
Have the child who answered correctly first post his/her answer on the day that it belongs. Once you have revealed all 7 days you could go over them a little more.
I thought this would be a great way of teaching them about the Creation, and have fun at the same time. They’ll have to really listen as you read the scripture, so they know what the correct answer is.
Another Idea You could Use
I didn’t add this on my printable Sharing Time idea, but I thought you could also do a Crossword Puzzle for this week.
For each clue have the Day and the scripture that talks about what was created.
You could make a big crossword puzzle or split the children into teams and have them do it as a team. The first team to complete the crossword puzzle wins.
So there you go, my ideas for the 2nd week of February.
Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Anonymous

    thank you for your wonderful ideas

  2. You have such fun ideas. Thanks!

    On a side note, they do discourage having competitions in Primary.

    1. Anonymous

      maybe a little too picky aye!

  3. You are amazing! Thank you so much!!

  4. Nice ideas! I’m the primary chorister and our junior and senior primary are combined, which makes it really interesting. I just started my blog and posted an idea for the music time next week. You can ask the chorister to just print it off, if she wants. I used it today to and put numbers behind that were wiggle songs.

  5. I’m sorry I guess I’m lost, but which scriptures are you reading a to the senior kids to ask then the questions?

  6. Hill: Sorry, I was thinking of reading Genesis Chapter 1 & Genesis 2: 1-3.
    Just the scripture account of the Creation.
    So for Day 1 of the creation you’ll read: Genesis 1:1-5; Day two: Genesis 1: 6-8; etc.
    Hope that helps. 🙂