{Sharing Time} I Will Follow Jesus Christ by Being Baptized and Confirmed and Keeping my Baptismal Covenants: 1st Week Sharing Time for June 2013

Sharing Time Idea from the 2013 Outline

Before Primary, cut two large footsteps out of different colors of paper. Write on one “being baptized and confirmed” and on the other “and keeping my baptismal covenants.” Prepare several smaller footsteps in both colors. Write one of the following on each footstep of the first color: 8 years old, repent, interview with the bishop, immersion, priesthood authority, covenant, white clothing, Holy Ghost. On each small footstep of the second color, write one of the standards from “My Gospel Standards.” Randomly place all the small footsteps around the room.

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE: Write on the board “I will follow Jesus Christ by . . .” Place the large footsteps on the board, one at a time, and read them together. Explain that these are necessary steps in Heavenly Father’s plan. If necessary, help the children understand what a baptismal covenant is.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION (playing a matching game): Ask a child to find one of the footsteps of the first color. Ask him or her to read the word or phrase on the footstep and place it on the board under the matching large footstep. Ask the children what this has to do with baptism and confirmation. Repeat with all the footsteps of the first color. Ask him or her to read the word or phrase on the footstep and place it on the board under the matching large footstep. Discuss how living the gospel standard listed on the footstep will help the children keep their baptismal covenants. Repeat with the other footsteps.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
For this Sharing Time you will begin with the idea from the outline, using footprints. Then you will be using road signs and a Red Light/Green Light to discuss ‘Keeping my baptismal covenants.’
Begin with a picture of Christ at the front of the room. Have 8 footprints cut out with the phrases from the outline written on each one:
8 years old, repent, interview with the bishop, immersion, priesthood authority, covenant, white clothing, Holy Ghost
Have a starting line at the opposite end of the room as the picture of Christ. At the starting line have a pair of sandals (these will represent following Christ). Have the 8 footprints all around the room, inside balloons, or inside of a ‘baptismal font’ (just use a tub and fill with something, have the footprints inside the tub).
To begin discuss with the children the importance of being baptized. Tell them that Jesus Christ was baptized, and if we want to be like him then we need to be baptized also. Explain to them that there are things that need to be done before we are baptized and also at our baptism.
Show the children the starting line with the sandals. Tell them that today they are going to follow Jesus Christ and walk in His shoes to learn about the ‘Steps to Baptism’. Explain that there are 8 footprints hidden in the room. Each of these 8 footprints are an important part of baptism.
Invite the first child up and have him/her put on the sandals and find a footprint. When they have found a footprint have them read it aloud and then place it on the floor heading toward the picture of Christ. Discuss what is written on the footprint and why it is important.
Continue until all the footprints have been found and placed on the floor and the children have reached the picture of Christ.
Explain once again that by being baptized & confirmed they are following Christ’s example.
Keeping My Baptismal Covenants activity
But now that we have been baptized we need to remember to keep our baptismal covenants. We need to remember to choose the right. Show a picture of ‘My Gospel Standards’ and explain that these things will help us keep our baptismal covenants.
To help children understand that the ‘Gospel Standards’ can help us keep our baptismal covenants create road signs that say things like: Stop, Caution, One Way, Yield, Go.
For each sign write one of My Gospel Standards on paper and attach to the back of each sign. Post the road signs and a picture Christ in the front of the room. Make a traffic light with red and green circles. Or instead of a traffic light have a red light on a popsicle stick and a green light.

When we are baptized, we open the gate to the path back to Heavenly Father. When we are baptized & confirmed and keep our baptismal covenants, we are following Jesus Christ.
 After baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, which will help us choose the right. My Gospel Standards are like road signs on our path. In making choices these standards can be a guide for us when making choices. Sometimes we may need to ‘Stop’ (point to red light) and remember our Gospel Standards.
Create a game board, a life-size game board or use the footprints from the previous activity (you’ll need to add more footprints). Create a dice with 1,2,3,4, and then 2 sides with Red and Green.
The number sides of the dice will be the number of spaces moved during the game.
Anytime a child lands on the ‘Red’ you will read a scenario where they will need to ‘STOP’and remember their Gospel Standards. Here’s an example:
“You are at school taking a test when your friend asks for help…..”
If the child lands on a Green have them pick a road sign and read the ‘Gospel Standard’ on the back. Ask them how that standard will help us keep our baptismal covenant. 

Have the children play until they reach the picture of Christ. Explain the importance of keeping our baptismal covenants.
Sounds fun, right?
I think the Primary Children would have alot of fun with both of these activities.

Another Idea:
Here’s another idea that I have previously shared. You could just change it a bit to fit this week’s theme:
Fill The Font

You will need a box or even a clear storage bin would work. Whatever you use you will be attempting to make a mini baptismal font. Here’s mine that I whipped up in 10 mins. 
(No judging! It’s not the prettiest, but I figured it would help explain what I meant).
Add a little baptism girl or boy for effect. So, as you see you will be cutting a hole in the middle of your box. You will also need to cut a hole at the top of your box (where the top of the water is). Cover the front of the water with blue paper, to look like water. Then cover the hole with 
plastic wrap, vellum, wax paper, etc. Just as long as it’s pretty transparent.
Next you will need to come up with some questions. Use the idea from above and have words/phrases about Jesus’ baptism and have them tell you how it relates. Have the scripture from the outline as one and have them tell you how we baptize, who can baptize, etc. Ask how old you need to be to be baptized. Look up some questions from the Primary Manuals, those are always great resources for questions.
Now for the fun! Have your questions in a container and take turns choosing a child to come to the front to pick a question. If the child answer correctly they get to fill the font with a little bit of ‘water’. For the water you could use packaging peanuts, large noodles (you could even die them blue), balls, cotton balls, etc. When the ‘water’ has filled the font, have everyone shout something about Baptism. 🙂
Another way to play!
Inside a large box or storage bin, have packing peanuts. Hide your questions inside the ‘font’ and have the children look for them. Have your question printed onto little baptism boy and girls or on #8’s, or something else that has to do with baptism.
Decorate the outside of the box so that it looks like water.
Well, that’s all I have today, but I hope my ideas can be of help. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a wonderful week & a great Sharing Time!

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  1. Meg

    These are really great ideas!! My nephew’s baptism is coming up and these will definitely help out 🙂 Thanks!