{Sharing Time} I Can Return to Heavenly Father by Following Jesus Christ.

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (reviewing): Draw the path from week 2 on the board. Ask the children to explain who made it possible to return to Heavenly Father. Ask a few children to report how they followed Christ’s example during the previous week. Invite them to share other ways they can follow Jesus (such as being baptized, praying, and obeying the commandments). Write their responses on the board.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (hearing a scripture story): Tell the story of Jesus calling His Apostles (see Matthew 4:18–22), and invite the children to do the actions with you. For example: “Peter and Andrew earned their living by catching fish. One day as they cast their nets into the Sea of Galilee (cast nets) they saw Jesus of Nazareth. They heard Him say (put hand to ear), “Follow me.” Even though Peter and Andrew were in the middle of their work (pull nets), they immediately left their nets (drop nets), and followed Him (walk in place). James and John were in another ship mending their nets (fix nets). Jesus called to them, so they left their nets and followed Him (walk in place).” Ask the children if they would leave what they were doing if the Savior said to them, “Follow me.” Have each class lead the other children in pantomiming an activity, such as swimming or playing with toys. Ask them to stop what they are doing and walk in place when they hear the words “follow me.” As they pantomime each activity, hold up a picture of Jesus Christ and softly say, “Follow me.”
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing examples): Ask the children to share ways they can follow Jesus Christ today. For example, they could respond to a parent’s call to family prayer or a teacher’s invitation to be reverent.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
Begin with the “Encourage Understanding” activity provided in the outline. You can do the activity from the outline or simply show the children a picture (Jesus Calling His Apostles) and tell them the story.

Since the Apostles were fishing with nets, I thought it would be fun for the children to go ‘fishing’.  Tell the children that today they are going to fish just like the apostles were doing when Jesus Christ called to them. But we won’t be catching real fish, we will be catching fish that will help us learn different ways that we can follow Jesus Christ.

Are you ready to go fishing? Here’s what you will need to do:
First you will need to get a stick or dowel to use for your fishing pole. Push a tack into the end of your dowel (don’t push it in all the way yet). Get some string and tie a knot around the tack and then push the tack in until it’s flush against the end of the dowel.
Next, attach a magnet to the end of your string. And that’s it! You have a fishing pole!
Now you need fish. Find some fish clipart online and print it out. You can have all of your fish look the same or do several different kinds of fish.
You can print your fish onto cardstock or paper…it doesn’t matter.
On the back of each fish you will need to have different ways that we can follow Jesus Christ.
Like in my picture, you can have statements or pictures or BOTH!
I also thought you could have scripture references that the children have to look up to figure out what they can do to follow Jesus Christ {ex: read scriptures, pray, be baptized, etc}.
You could also have words that the children have to act out or draw and have the rest of the children guess.
To finish, add a paperclip to the mouth of each fish.
Invite a child up to the front and hand them the fishing pole. Have them ‘catch’ a fish!
Whatever you decide I’m sure the children will love it! Fishing was always a hit in our Primary.

I hope you enjoy my fishing Sharing Time Idea as well as all the kiddos in your Primary.

Another Idea From Latter-Day Chatter
Latter-Day Chatter also shared a great Sharing Time Idea for this week. She shared a game that the children will love plus she includes everything you need for the game!
So stop by and check it out.
Click HERE to visit Latter-Day Chatter.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!


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  1. this is a fantastic idea! I’m going to do it with scenarios for them to answer how they can follow Jesus!
    Thanks for sharing your idea.