{Sharing Time} I Can Know the Truth Through the Power of the Holy Ghost


Sharing Time Ideas from 2014 Outline

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (distinguishing truth from error): Write, on separate pieces of paper, some statements that are clearly true and others that are obviously false (such as “The sun is warm,” “Ice is hot,” “Stars shine at night,” and “Fire is cold”).  Invite a child to choose one to read aloud, and ask the children to stand if the statement is true and sit if it is not. Ask, “How do you know?” Repeat with each paper. Explain that another way we can know something is true is through the power of the Holy Ghost. Read Moroni 10:5.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Explain that through the power of the Holy Ghost we can know the truth; we may hear the Spirit’s voice or we may feel Him speak in our minds or hearts. Display pictures of a head (mind), a heart, and an ear (click here for sample drawings available from lds.org). Divide the children into four groups, and invite each group to read one of the following scriptures aloud as a group (see “Choral Readings,” TNGC, 163): D&C 11:13, Helaman 5:45, D&C 8:2, Helaman 5:46–47. As each group reads their scripture, ask everyone to show which pictures go with the scripture by placing their hands on their head, heart, or ears.

Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas

I really like the idea given in the outline, but here are a few ideas that you could use as well. I shared these a few years ago and thought they would work great for this week.

Here’s an idea you could use to begin your Sharing Time:

For this Sharing Time you will need:

-5 chairs: set up in the front of the Primary Room

-A whistle, bell, something that makes a noise

-Sandpaper, soap, stuffed animal, etc

-Lemon, orange, soap, something that smells

-Popcorn, chocolate, something that they can taste


What do you know? Do you know your name and where you live? Do you know colors and shapes? Do you know how to count, read, and spell? Do you know how to write,cook or drive?

Knowing things/knowledge is very important.

Today I am going to test your knowledge. I need 5 helpers. Choose 5 children to come up to the front of the room and sit in a chair.

Child #1: Ask the child, “How many children are in the class on the first row?” (or another question related to something he can see).

Child #2: Stand behind the second child and blow a whistle or ring a bell without letting him/her see. Ask her what she heard and why she thinks that’s what it is.

Child #3: Blindfold the third child and ask him/her to touch a piece of sandpaper or soap. Ask what he felt.

Child #4: Have the fourth close his/her eyes tightly and smell a lemon or other recognizable smell. Ask her to identify it.

Child #5: Have the fifth child close his eyes and taste a chocolate chip or salty popcorn. Ask what it was.

Explain that our senses are important tools that help us learn/know things. There are other important ways we can know things.

Ask if any of the children believe that their families love them. How do we know this? (by the things they do, by the feelings we have).

Ask if any of the children have a good feeling about reading the Book of Mormon by themselves or with their families. Ask how they feel when they help or are nice to others. Explain that those good feelings are the Holy Ghost. Another way we can know something is through the power of the Holy Ghost. (This idea came from a past issue of The Friend.)

Learning a scripture

In the outline it encourages you to read Moroni 10:5. Here are 2 ideas that you could use to help the children memorize the scripture:

-Split the scripture up into small phrases:

‘By the power’ below this phrase have a picture of some muscular arms.

‘of the Holy Ghost’ have a picture of the Holy Ghost/Godhead.

‘ye may know,’ show a picture of a head with an arrow pointing at your brain.

the truth of all things.’ You could have True or False boxes at the bottom, with the True box checked.

-Split the scriptures into small phrases: Have each phrase typed onto a piece of paper and have each phrase a different color. ‘By the power’, have a child wearing green come up and hold the sign. ‘of the Holy Ghost’, a child wearing Red. ‘ye may know’, a child wearing purple. ‘the truth of all things’, a child wearing blue. Say it 2 or 3 times picking new children to help hold the signs each time.

Encourage Understanding Activity

Here are some ideas that you could use for the final activity that go along with the outline:

Jr Primary Idea: For Jr. Primary you could hand each child a picture of a head, heart, and ears. Have an adult or child stand up and reach one of the scriptures:

D&C 11:13

Helaman 5:45

D&C 8:2

Helaman 5:46–47

As the person reads the scripture have the other children decide which picture goes with that scripture and have them hold the appropriate picture in the air. Discuss the scripture with the children to help them understand what it means.

Another Idea: Have an outline of a boy/girl on a poster-board or on a piece of paper attached to a chalkboard. Beside the outline have the picture of the head, heart, and ears.

Have your scripture references typed onto pieces of paper and hide them under some of the Primary chairs.

Invite the children to look under their seats to see if they have a scripture reference. Invite one of the children with a scripture to come up and read it aloud. Then choose another child to come up and pick a ‘body part’ picture that goes with that scripture and have them place it where it goes on the outline of the boy/girl.

{You could also do this without the outline of the boy/girl and just have them pick the matching body part}
And that’s all I’ve got for this week!I hope you enjoy my ideas I’ve shared today. I would love to hear if you used them and how they went.Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day and a wonderful Sharing Time!



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