{Sharing Time} I am Thankful for Spiritual Blessings.

Sharing Time Idea from the 2013 Primary Outline
Identify the Doctrine & Encourage Understanding: Prepare a gift with a picture of the Savior and the following scripture reference inside: Moroni 10:8–17. Write on the board, “I am thankful for spiritual blessings.”

Explain that there are many spiritual blessings the Lord may give us; He gives us these blessings by the power of the Holy Ghost. Have a child open the gift and show its contents. Ask the children to look up the scripture and find the spiritual blessings the Lord can give us, and write them on the board. Discuss some of these blessings, and explain that we should use them to help others.
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I love the idea from the outline. It’s simple, but the children will love it, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love opening gifts.
Here is my idea with just one little change:
Prepare: Read the scripture from the outline, Moroni 10: 8-17, and write each of the spiritual blessings listed in these scriptures on large pieces of paper (one blessing per piece of paper). If you can find a picture that represents that blessing then use a picture instead.
Next, on small pieces of paper write each of the scripture verses: Moroni 10: 9; Moroni 10:10, etc. Place each scripture inside of a box & wrap it like a gift. You will also need a picture of Christ wrapped in a box.
Don’t place the ‘blessings’ inside of the box. You will be using these for something else.
Set-Up: Have your ‘scripture’ gifts on a table. Beside the gifts have your pictures or words for each of the blessings.
On a chalkboard write:
“I am thankful for Spiritual Blessings.”
Sharing Time:Begin your Sharing Time by having a child open up the gift with the picture of Christ.
When the child opens up the gift have them show it to the other children and then have them tape it underneath the phrase on the chalkboard. Explain to the children that there are many spiritual blessings/gifts that the Lord may give us; He gives us these blessings by the power of the Holy Ghost.
Tell the children that today you are going to find out what blessings/gifts we can receive from Jesus Christ.
Show all the gifts to the children and have one child come to the front and pick one of the gifts & open it.
Have them read the scripture aloud or, if they can’t read, have them pick an adult to read it.
Ask the child to listen for the spiritual blessings the Lord can give us.
After they have read the scripture have them look at the words/pictures and try to figure out which blessing their scripture was talking about.
Once they have chosen the correct blessing have them post it on the chalkboard around the picture of Christ.
Discuss the blessing and why it’s important.
Continue opening each gift until all gifts have been opened or you run out of time.
Remind the children to be thankful for the spiritual blessings that we receive.
Another Idea:
Tom the ‘Blessings’ Turkey
For those of you in the U.S. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So I thought a Thanksgiving themed Sharing Time might be fun.
And when I think of Thanksgiving I think ‘Turkey’!

So for Sharing Time we are getting a little help from Tom the Turkey. 
You could probably do this several different ways, but here is what I’m sharing today.
Before Primary (like the idea above) read the scripture reference and make a list of each of the blessings discussed in the scriptures. Write the blessings onto pieces of paper or find pictures that represent that blessing. Print out a ‘Tom’ (I’m sharing a Tom, just click the link below)and cut out some feathers. I just used some scrapbook paper and cut out some feathers.
On each of Tom’s feathers write one of the verses from the scripture reference given in the outline.

At the front of the room have your Tom the Turkey. 
Invite a child up to the front of the room and have them ‘pluck’ a feather from Tom. I promise he  won’t mind. 🙂
Have the child read the scripture and then look at the words/scriptures and have them match which one goes with the scripture they just read.
Have them post the blessing on the chalkboard and discuss that blessing with all of the children.
Continue by choosing another child to come up and ‘pluck’ a feather. Continue until all feathers have been plucked or times runs out.

Another Way to Play:
Instead of having the scripture references inside of gifts or written on the feathers, have the blessings.
Have a child pick a present or a feather, but don’t have them read it aloud.
Instead, have them act the word out, draw it, or give one word clues and have the other children try to guess what it is.
 If you use the turkey you will need to write the word on the back, so the others can’t see what it is.

And that’s it! Two easy ideas for you to pick from for your Sharing Time this Sunday.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!



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    1. So glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment. 🙂

  1. Love Tom the turkey! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Love Tom the turkey! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  3. Thank you!
    Had some big hearts laying around, will be using those instead of the paper. With a bigger heart with a picture of Christ in the middle, all hearts will be posistioned around it.

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    I can’t get the link with Tom the Turkey on it to work? Any ideas?

  5. Lea

    Thank you so much! Love all your ideas!!! You’re so creative!