{Sharing Time} Heavenly Father Has a Plan for His Children

Sharing Time Idea from the 2014 Primary Outline


IDENITFY THE DOCTRINE (saying the doctrine): Have three children come to the front of the room. Have the first say, “Heavenly Father,” the second, “has a plan,” and the third, “for His children.” Divide the children into three groups, and ask each group to stand and, with the help of the three children as leaders, repeat their part of the sentence. Repeat several times, giving each group a chance to say each phrase.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading scriptures): Explain that before we were born, we lived in heaven with our heavenly parents; Heavenly Father wanted us to become more like Him, so He presented a plan. Divide the board into three sections and label them “Premortal Life,” “Mortal Life,” and “Life after Death.” Briefly discuss each (see True to the Faith: A Gospel Reference [2004], 115–17). Divide the children into small groups, and give each group one or more of the following scriptures: Genesis 1:1; Alma 12:24; Alma 34:32; Alma 40:12; Doctrine and Covenants 76:62; Moses 4:2; Abraham 3:22–23. Invite each group to read their scripture, tell the other children what their scripture is about, and write the reference under the correct heading on the board.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (drawing pictures): Give each child a piece of paper divided into thirds. Ask them to draw something that represents each part of God’s plan (premortal life, mortal life, and life after death). Encourage them to share their pictures with their families at home. Sing together “I Will Follow God’s Plan” (CS, 164–65).

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

Update:I have added the ‘Earth’ clipart, sorry that I forgot it. It’s there now. 🙂
This week’s idea I got a little help from the February issue of ‘The Friend’.
In ‘The Friend’ under the ‘Bringing Primary Home’ section they shared a cute story and an activity, see full article here. I really liked the story and thought it would work great for this week’s Sharing Time.
For this Sharing Time, the Primary room will be ‘Heaven’ (Pre-Mortal Life & Spirit World).
Find a different room to represent ‘Earth Life’ and place a sign on the door (I include a sign that you can use if you’d like).
Begin your Sharing Time by doing the ‘Identify the Doctrine’ activity from the Outline.
Plan of Happiness Activity
Tell the children that today you will be talking about our Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness.
Ask if anyone knows where we lived before we came to Earth.
Tell the children that today the Primary Room is going to represent the ‘Pre-Mortal Life’
{show them the ‘Pre-Mortal Life’ sign; I have included some great printables for you to use for your Sharing Time}.
Everyone lived together in the Pre-Mortal Life, even Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ lived with us.
While we were there our Heavenly Father presented a plan to all of us.
He told us about His plan to create a world and to send a Savior for us. After Heavenly Father told us all about His plan, do you know what we all did? We were so happy that we shouted for joy! {You can have the children re-enact this by having them all shout for joy}.
Next you will be talking about us going to earth. Have a group of children {and an adult} come to the front of the room. Tell the children that these children are going to represent our Grandparents, and tell them that first our grandparents came to earth {send them to the other room marked ‘Mortality On Earth’}.
Have another group come up and explain that these are our parents. Do the same thing and send them to ‘Earth’.
Finally say, ‘Now it’s your turn to go to Earth. You can explain that our older brothers/sisters went to Earth first or if they have younger brothers/sisters let them know that they came to Earth after you.
When everyone has made it to ‘Earth’ tell the children that the room that they are in is ‘Earth’. Discuss that part of the Plan of Salvation with all of the children.
While on Earth we will be faced with many choices, some choices are not important while others are very important. Some of the important choices will help us return to our Heavenly Father.
For this part of the activity you will have the children read scriptures to figure out what they need to do in order to return to Heavenly Father.
I have included several scripture strips that you can print out and cut. Place the scriptures into a bag or container.
Invite a child up to the front of the room and have them choose a scripture. Read the scripture aloud and discuss what the scripture is talking about.
For younger children you could also have a picture to represent each scripture.
After you have discussed the things we need to do in order to return to our Heavenly Father ask the children what the next part of the plan is.
Explain to the children that after our life on Earth is over we return to our Heavenly Father, to the Spirit World.
Have each group return to the Primary Room group by group. Explain to the children that although it is sad when a loved one leaves us, we need to remember that one day we will all be together. Have the children look around at everyone. Explain that Heavenly Father’s plan is a plan of happiness.
These printables would also be great to use for the idea in the Outline.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you are able to use my idea to prepare your Sharing Time. Have a wonderful weekend & a great Sharing Time!



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  1. Jen

    Do you have the printable for “Mortality on Earth”? I don’t see it in the download file.

    1. You’re right Jen, I forgot to add it. I added it to the file, so you should be good to go. Thanks so much for letting me know. 🙂

  2. This is great! Thanks so much.

  3. I’m going to use this for my Sunbeams class. If I don’t have their little hands busy they will go nuts. Thank you so very much for posting!