{Primary} 5th Sunday Sharing Time Ideas

January has 5 Sundays this year, so that means an extra Sharing Time lesson. But if you take a look in the Sharing Time Outline you’ll see that there isn’t an idea for that week, so what does that mean?

Here is the answer to that question according to LDS.org:

“When there is a fifth Sunday, use this time to review previous lessons” (2014 Outline for Sharing Time, inside front cover).

That means that you might be in need of some 5th Sunday Sharing Time ideas, right? You could create a fun review that discusses the lessons that were taught throughout the month or you can focus on a specific topic you’d like to teach about (examples: Reverence, Sabbath Day, etc.).

We recently had our Ward Conference where reverence was discussed. We have decided to do a lesson on Reverence for our 5th Sunday lesson, but the 5th Sunday is up to you! Today I am sharing a few 5th Sunday Sharing Time ideas that you could use. I hope you find these ideas helpful. 🙂


5th Sunday Sharing Time Ideas 

Scripture Bowl

It’s the end of January, which means SUPER BOWL! I’m not a big football fan, but there are a lot of people who are, so I decided to create a fun football themed sharing time review game known as, Scripture Bowl!5th Sunday Sharing Time Ideas

I shared this back in 2011, take a look here,  which was the exact same theme as this year, so it fits perfectly with what you have been teaching all month long.


Here’s a quick overview of the game:

Split the children into 2 teams and give each team a name: Nephites & Lamanites; B.E.A.R.S & The R.E.D.S; etc.
Have a scoreboard to keep score. Split it into 2 columns and label each side with the team names.
 Just like in the real game of football you want to have the most points by the end of the game. In order to score points the children must answer questions correctly in order to move toward their end zone for a Touchdown!! Anytime they reach their ‘End Zone’ they will receive 7 points. They can also kick a field goal which is worth 3 points (they can only do this by choosing a card with ‘Field Goal’ on it).
 The questions they will be answering are split into 3 categories. The different categories are: BrainiacSinging Star, and Book Worm. Here is a peek at my ‘Scripture Bowl’ cards, and a little description of each category.

 scripture bowl card
 Brainiac: These cards will have questions about the scriptures.
Singing Star: These cards will have songs that the children must sing/hum, finish the phrase, or Guess That Tune.
Book WormThese cards will have a Gospel Art Kit Picture number and a brief description about the picture. You will read the card aloud. The child must find the picture that matches what you read and then tell you which book the story belongs in (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, D & C, Pearl of Great Price).

The children will be choosing cards and answering questions to move closer to their team’s end zone hoping to score a touchdown. This Sharing Time review game is sure to be a hit!

Click HERE to read the full post about Scripture Bowl!


Scripture Spin (aka Human Spinner)

Another great review game that we’ve done in the past is the human spinner. We’ve used this great game for Singing and Sharing time, and it’s always a hit!

5th Sunday Sharing Time Ideas

We’ve all seen the little spinners that come in board games, for this idea the children BECOME the spinner! Here is what you’ll need:

To create your own Human Spinner, you will need:

• Spinning Office Chair

• Masking Tape

• Questions

Pieces of Paper with numbers or categories written or typed (you can have 3-6 categories for your spinner).


Getting Ready:

The first thing you need to do is look through each week’s Sharing Times and write/type up a few questions. For Jr. primary you will need to make them a little easier, and for Sr. Primary they could be a little more difficult. You could have them search scriptures and answer a question. You could have a Gospel Art Kit and have the child answer which scripture story it is, and/or what book of scripture it belongs to. You could also use the same question cards from my ‘Scripture Bowl Idea’!

Game Day!

Before Sharing Time begins, you will need to create your spinner sections. Decide where you will have your chair, and then on the floor around the chair you will be taping off sections. As I said before, you can have as few as 3 categories/sections up to as many as you’d like. I probably wouldn’t do more than 6 though. 🙂 Here’s an example of how you would tape off your sections:


Let’s use this spinner I found on LDS.org as an example. Your office spinning chair will be in the center. Using masking tape, tape off several sections. Then put a number or category in the center of each section. You can do this by having numbers/categories written on paper or use tape to make the numbers. If you use numbers you could also use it as points scored for correct answers.

If you decided to use my Scripture Bowl questions you could use the category names to place on the floor. The categories would be: Brainiac, Singing Star, and Book Worm. You could also throw in an extra section like: ‘Teacher’s Choice’ or ‘Random’, etc.


How to Play!

Invite a child up to the front and have them sit on the spinning chair. And then….spin! Obviously this is not a test of strength, so please, no crazy spins. haha

The child will have their feet pointed out, so that you know which section they land on. Once the chair stops see where their feet are pointing, then pick a question from that specific category. If you use numbers you could have ‘Easy Questions’ (numbers 1-3) and ‘Difficult Questions’ (numbers 4-6). If the child answers correctly they are awarded that amount of points. But if they answer incorrectly they could have that amount subtracted from their total or the other team could have a chance to steal!

If you don’t like teams, you could also play this as a whole group and challenge them to reach a certain amount of points.

.And that’s it! Another great review game you could use.




This is a Jeopardy review game all about Scriptures! If you’ve ever watched the popular game show, then you’ll know exactly what to do. You will need 4-6 different categories, which could include: the books of the scriptures, ‘Who Am I’, ‘Which Book Is It From?’ and so on. This review game will take a little more preparation, but would be a lot of fun, especially for SR Primary, I think. Here’s an example of what the game board looks like.


On a poster-board you will have your categories. Below each category you will have 5 rows labeled 100-500. Each rectangle is a question (well…I guess an answer if you play it exactly like Jeopardy).

The children will be choosing a category and point section to answer. If they are really confident in that particular category, then they could pick the question worth 500 points.

To really get into the game you could even have a ‘Daily Double’ hidden in there. What is a ‘Daily Double’??? Here’s a good explanation:

There are two Daily Doubles in each round.
When a Daily Double is chosen, a correct response earns double the dollar value of the clue, and gives the answering team the right to select the next clue. For an incorrect response, double the dollar value of the clue is deducted from the teams score, and the answering team loses the right to select the next clue to an opposing team.

When Daily Doubles are chosen all participants play.


What You Will Need:

– A large poster-board, foam board, ,or bulletin board.

– Category Signs

– Envelopes for each clue with the points on the front (the number will depend on how many categories you have).

– Clues

– Small Dry Erase Boards OR Notepads (this is optional and is used for the children to write their answers)


Before Sharing Time

Before your Sharing Time you will need to decide what categories you would like to include in your game. Once you have your categories figured out, go ahead and type or write them onto pieces of paper. These will go on the top of your board, so make sure they are large enough to see.

From there you can then select 5 clues/questions for each category. Write/type your clues and place them inside of your envelopes. On the front of the envelope write how many points the question will be worth (100-500).

If you are including a Daily Double, write up 2 of those as well.


Putting It All Together

Grab your poster-board or bulletin board and begin by placing the categories up at the top. Grab your question envelopes and place them underneath the appropriate category and in order from least to greatest (100 point questions at the top and 500 at the bottom).


How To Play:

Begin by splitting the Primary into 2-3 teams. Have 2-3 chairs at the front of the room (depending on how many teams you have) and have your small dry erase boards or notepads on the chairs.

Have the teams decide who will go first from each team, and invite them up to the front to have a seat. To decide who will go first you will have a ‘lightning question’. You will ask a question and the first person to raise their hand AND answer correctly will be the first person to choose a category.

Have the child choose the first category and question. Open the envelope that was chosen and read the question aloud. Have the children write the answers down and raise their hand when done OR you could just have them raise their hands.

If the child answers correctly, that team is rewarded that number of points. You could then have all of those children sit down OR have the children that didn’t answer sit down OR you could have the child that answered correctly sit down, and invite a new person from that team or teams.


Daily Double

When a Daily Double is chosen announce it to the children and explain that ALL teams will be playing. Tell them that you will read the clue/question aloud, and they will then need to write down their answer. When they have completed their answer they can raise their hand and sit quietly until time runs out or until the other contestants have finished with their answer. Once everyone has finished writing their answers you will ask the contestants to share their answers one at a time. THEN reveal the correct answer once everyone has shared their answer.

Each person that answers correctly is awarded double points, and the person that chose the clue/question gets to choose another clue/question. If only one person answers correctly that person is awarded double points and gets to choose the next clue.

If multiple people answer correctly you could just have the person that answered correctly first choose the next clue/question.


Continue playing until time runs out OR until all the clue/questions have been read. This is a lot of fun and is a great review game!


LDS Squares

I also shared a fun LDS Squares game years…and years ago, but it was a hit and would be another great review game.


Have you heard of ‘Hollywood Squares’? It’s a fun tic-tac-toe game, but with a twist.

For this game you will need 9 helpers (teachers, parents, etc.). All of the helpers will be making up your tic-tac-toe grid. You will have 3 rows of 3 people. Last time I did this I had the back row sitting in big chairs the middle row in smaller chairs, and the last row in tiny chairs. Each person is given their own ‘X’ and ‘O’ sheets.

To Play

Split the primary into 2 teams (X’s and O’s). Tell them that today they are going to be playing LDS Squares. You can then invite your helpers in and have them introduce themselves.

To begin, flip a coin to determine which team goes first. Invite one person from that team up to the front of the room and have them pick a square (person).

You will then read a question to the person in that square. The person in the square will answer the question, but this is where it can get fun. The person in the square can choose to answer correctly, answer wrong, or answer with a silly answer. The child must agree or disagree with the answer the person has given. If the child is correct, they will get the square, and the person in that square will hold up the ‘X’ or ‘O’ sign, depending on what team the child was from. If the team is wrong, their opponent will get the square. To win, the team either gets three in a row (across, vertical or diagonal) or has 5 squares.

You can take a look at my previous post about LDS Squares, HERE.

Click HERE to print my ‘X’ and ‘O’ signs!




Maybe you have decided to teach about Reverence or Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. If so…here are some links to ideas I have shared:



You could even discuss keeping the Sabbath day holy, and then have several stations for kids to visit and create a ‘Sunday Fun-day’ pack to take home. Pinterest is a great resource to find things to add to a Sunday Pack. 🙂


And to take a look at ALL my other Sharing Time Ideas, take a look at my Sharing Time Index page, HERE!


I hope you enjoy my 5th Sunday Sharing Time ideas. What are you planning for 5th Sunday?

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!



Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. Brenda

    This is so much fun! Thank you for posting this article on your blog. We are having the Sister Missionaries teach our 5th Sunday lesson this month, and I think the easiest one to put together for them is the Scripture Bowl lesson. I’m not a huge fan of football either, but I can imagine my primary kids having a blast.

  2. Jenny

    These are such great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. I don’t know how you come up with all these ideas! I’m wondering if I could possibly get a copy of the non- pdf cards for the scripture bowl? I wanted to change some of the questions for Junior Primary. I noticed that people were requesting that in the 2011 post, so I thought I’d ask! 🙂 If you can’t do that, it’s totally fine and I will make my own cards, but I thought I’d check in an attempt to save some time. Thanks again for all the great ideas!

      1. Laura

        I Don’t know where I’d be without the inspiration which you provide !
        Laura B

  3. Laura

    Thanks for this game. It’s amazing!

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    Thank you so so much for your ideas! I was Ina total bind this morning and you saved me!