{Sharing Time} Agency is the gift to choose for myself.

Sharing Time Ideas from 2014 Outline
IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (seeing an object lesson): Bring several objects that children can choose between. For example, you could bring two different kinds of fruit, a pen and a pencil, or two different kinds of shoes. Ask several children to choose between the objects. Explain that the ability to choose is a gift called “agency” and that we are free to choose, but every choice comes with a consequence.
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (reading a scripture): Tell the children that when we were spirits in the premortal life, we used our agency to make a right choice; all of us chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan. Ask someone to read 2 Nephi 2:27. Discuss what the scripture says about the consequences of choosing to follow Jesus Christ or choosing to not follow Him.
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (role-playing): Invite each class to role-play a situation in which they could use their agency to follow a commandment. (For example, they could role-play obeying their parents or sharing a toy with a friend.) Let the other children discuss the good consequences of their choice. 
Sharing Time Ideas from Little LDS Ideas
I have a few ideas to share with you today, some are my own ideas, and others are from some other amazing ladies.
I really like the ‘Identify the Doctrine’ idea from the outline, but here’s another option you could do to begin your Sharing Time.
 I saw this idea on Sugardoodle from a wonderful sister that left a comment.
Her idea was to have 3 jars up at the front of the room labeled ‘Jar #1,’ ‘Jar #2’ & ‘Jar #3’. Jars 2 & 3 need to be filled with items that would be appealing to the children. The first jar would be empty.
Invite a child up to the front and show him/her the jars. Then tell the child that they can choose anything they would like from Jar #1, and ONLY Jar #1.
The child will probably look at you like you’re crazy….or mean haha.
Go on to explain agency and it’s importance. 
{I tried to go to Sugardoodle to get the exact idea that was shared, but unfortunately Sugardoodle has been having some technical difficulties with their server. 🙁 This is just what I remember from the idea I saw.}
You could also use THIS cookie idea that I shared last year to introduce your Sharing Time.
Activities & Sharing Time Games
Since we’re talking about agency and being able to ‘Choose’ for ourselves, I thought I would re-share an idea that I posted last year.
Bubble Gum Choices Activity
For this idea you will need 2 poster boards. Attach a picture of a child’s face on each of the poster-boards (a large picture). Next, cut a small hole into the mouth and attach a balloon for each poster. One poster will be for Good Choices and the other will be for Bad Choices.
The children will be ‘Chewsing’ the right by picking choices from a container. The choices will be attached to bubble gum.
How to Play: Have the first child come to the front of the room and pick a piece of bubble gum. Read the scenario aloud. Have the child give a possible consequence of that choice.  Have the rest of the children point their thumbs up if it is a good choice and point their thumbs down if it is a bad choice. 
 If it’s a good choice add some air to the good choice balloon. If it’s a bad choice add some air to the bad choice balloon.
You could start each balloon with a little air. If good choices are chosen add air, but if bad choices are chosen release a little air. This will help them understand the difference between good and bad choices.
(You may have to do a test run to determine how much air to have in the balloons)
I thought this was a fun idea that the kiddos would really enjoy. If you don’t want to make a poster have some adults help you out. Have one of the adults labeled as ‘Bad Choices’ and the other ‘Good Choices’. You could make them a little sign to wear around their necks. Then have them inflate/deflate their balloons as needed.
For my last idea I want to share an awesome game idea from Latter-Day Chatter.
Jessica shared a great ‘Battleship’ game that you could use for this week’s Sharing Time.
Jessica’s ‘Battle of Agency’ game includes a 2ft board with a key and 5 big ships to play a church version of the game Battleship. It includes 2 sheets of scenarios both hits and misses and blank sheets to add your own.
Just stop by Latter-Day Chatter, HERE to learn more about the game.
Well, I hope these ideas can help you out with Sharing Time this week. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful day & a great Sharing Time!



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