I can be a missionary by serving others: 1st Week Sharing Time Idea for November 2012

Sharing Time Idea from 2012 Primary Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (doing role plays): Read Matthew 25:34-40, and explain that when we serve others we are also serving Heavenly Father (see Mosiah 2:17) and that service will bring us happiness and help us be able to live with God again.  Have several children role-play some acts of service, such as giving food to someone who is hungry, befriending someone who is lonely, or visiting someone who is sick.  Let the other children guess what is happening in each role play.  Show a picture of missionaries.  Ask how the missionaries are serving God.  Explain that when we serve others we are also being missionaries.

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (playing a game): Make a game board with a path made of six different colors leading up to a picture of Jesus.  Prepare a spinner with six color sections to match the colors on the game board.  On each color write the name of a person the children could serve, such as a parent, a friend, and a neighbor.  Choose a child to spin the spinner and tell how he or she could serve the person it points to.  Then have the child move a game piece to the next square that corresponds to the color on the spinner.  Repeat with other children until the game piece reaches the picture of the Savior.  Remind the children that when we serve others we are serving God.  Sing “When We’re Helping” (CS, 198).

Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas
I love the idea from the outline, and I think the children will too. Jill over at Hatch Patch Creations has come up with a great printable outline for this week’s Sharing Time. It is really similar to the idea in the outline, but with a few things added.
Jill included a great Service Scavenger hunt to encourage the children to serve others. I am on-board with this idea! Maybe my children will be more excited about helping at home. 🙂
 I loved both, so I’m not going to share any new ideas of my own.

Well, I do have on thing to add….instead of a game-board, you could always do a life-size game-board. Just use pieces of paper for each square and place them on the floor. Then have a child come to the front to roll the die and have them move the number of spaces. Then when the next person rolls have them take the place of the child and have them move the number of spaces from their roll. The children seem to really enjoy this as well as the normal game board.

Thanks Jill for your great Sharing Time idea/outline. 
Just click on the November Week 1 link for her idea.

Past Ideas from Little LDS Ideas:
Musical Hats: 
Bring six hats representing Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Grandma, and Grandpa. Have the children sit in a circle (on the floor or in their chairs) and pass the hats from head to head while they sing “When We’re Helping” (Children’s Songbook, p.198). Use the names in the song. 
As you finish the song, have each child wearing a hat tell why the person represented by that hat is important to him or her and how he or she could serve that person. Suggest that the children share this activity with their family during a family home evening. 
-You could even play it like musical chairs and have the pianist stop suddenly and whoever has the hats has to share a way they can serve that member of their family. (From ‘The Friend,’ June 1996)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!



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