Service Games For November Sharing Time: Service Cranium & Tom the Service Turkey

For the month of November we will be talking about Service. I have 2 game ideas to share with you today. Both of these would be great games to play for Sharing Time for any week of November.
For my first game today I am going to share my Service Cranium game. I shared this game a few months ago, but thought I would talk about it again. This game is like the ‘Cranium’ board game, but there are a few differences. For one, I didn’t use a game board, and I added/changed some categories.
This game would probably work better for Sr. Primary because you have to draw, sculpt, read, etc. I played this for a Sharing Time last year and the Sr. Primary had alot of fun.

How to Play: The actual ‘Cranium’ game uses a game board, but for this I didn’t use it. I split the Primary into 2 teams. We took turns choosing a child from each team to come up and pick a card. There are different categories for the cards, they are:

Scripture Seach
Data Head
Creative Cat

Then for each category there are different things that they have to do.
For Scripture search, there is a scripture reference on the card with a question underneath. The child must look up the scripture and then answer the question. I think if they answered it correctly they got a point, I’m not exactly sure how I did the scoring.
For Data Head, there is a Factoid card, which is a question about service. There are also True or False questions and Multiple Choice questions.
The last category is Creative Cat. With this category the children will choose SensoSketch: drawing with your eyes closed, Sculpturade: molding the object out of clay, and Cloodle: draw the object. These were really fun to watch!

There are also some cards that say, Teacher Play! When these are chosen, the child picks a teacher that he/she wants. Then the teacher must do the task that is on the card.
Some of the cards will say, Two Team Play. When this card is chosen both teams will play head to head. The person that chose the card will play for his team, and another player from the other team is chosen to play for his team. Whichever team guesses the answer first gets the point.

I also used a sand timer/hourglass. The children only had a certain amount of time to draw/mold/act out the object and guess what the answer was. Like I said, I didn’t use a game board, but you could easily make a simple game board if you wanted to do that instead of award points for correct guesses. If they guessed correctly they could roll the dice to see how far they advanced on the board.

When I did this as my Sharing Time I began by showing them a picture of Christ and telling them that the Savior was the perfect example of Service. We talked about how Jesus served others, why service is important, and things that we can do to serve. Then, after we talked for a little while, we played Service Cranium. It was alot of fun. I left a little time at the end to remind the children the importance of service and encouraged them to serve.
So, there it is. My Service Cranium game. I hope you enjoy!

Click here to view my Service Cranium game.

(this one is viewed on Scribd)
If your having problems printing or viewing the Cranium game on Scribd try this link:
Service Cranium Game
(this one is viewed on
For my second game today I am going to share ‘Tom the Service Turkey’. For this game you will have a turkey that has lost all of his feathers. The children will need to help you find all of Tom’s feathers.
But on each feather is a picture or a scenario that has to do with service. In order to put Tom’s feathers back on they have to tell you how they can serve.
I played this game last year for Jr. Primary and the children really enjoyed it.
I had a big cut-out turkey, but I recently saw a really cute brown bag turkey. Here’s my take on the brown bag turkey:

To make this turkey you will need:
Small brown lunch sack
Plastic spoon painted brown
Feathers (I included some in my Tom the Service Turkey Document)
Wattle (that red thing under his beak, it’s just an upside down heart)
2 cute little feet
Oh and some crumpled up newspaper and tape
First, crumple up your newspaper and stuff it into the brown bag. Once your bag is pretty stuffed fold the top down and tape it (I used packaging tape, so it would stay closed).
Next, get your spoon (make sure you paint it brown) and attach the eyes. Then glue the wattle underneath the beak and glue those to the spoon. Then poke the spoon through the top of the bag. (Mine is kind of close to the front edge of the top of the bag.) You can then add a little bow-tie to your turkey. 🙂
Then add your little feet to the bottom of the bag.
You won’t need to add your feathers because the children will be attaching the feathers. I would just tape the feathers to the back.
If you’re thinking the lunch sack it too small try making one with a large brown grocery bag. Just print out an oval for the turkey head and attach it to the bag.
But, if you don’t feel like making a brown bag turkey no worries. I have included a turkey that you can print out. You will have to add some eyes though. Just be sure to print the feathers on a heavier piece of paper, like cardstock.
For a handout I came up with a little handout to give to each children. They will take these cards home and find someone to serve and leave them for the person to find.


Hi! I’m Sheena, the blogger behind Little LDS Ideas. I love sharing LDS Ideas and printables to help make your life and calling a little bit easier. I am a mother to 4 and a wife to one amazing guy. In addition to being busy with blogging and being a wife/mother, I am also in school. Studying and homework keeps me busy, but I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


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  1. I LOVE it!! I am a brand new primary president and your blog is going to be an incredible help. Thanks so much!!

  2. I love both of these ideas, but I cannot figure out how to print the service cranium cards. Any ideas?? Beth

  3. nspency- Thanks for the comment and the nice words. I’m so glad you like the ideas.

    Beth- On my computer the ‘print’ button is off to the side, on the right. You’ll see a button to download, print, etc.
    But if you’re still having problems I added a new link to another site where the document is located.
    Or you can just email me at and I will email you the file. Thanks!!


  4. Thanks for sharing your cute and creative ideas! I always go to your blog for ideas when it’s my turn for sharing time:)

  5. Anonymous

    I was wondering if there was directions to follow for the Service Cranium game? Also thanks so much for all your ideas they are always great.

  6. Anonymous

    You have saved me! The material in the church outline for this month was not quite enough and I was hitting a dead-end creatively. These games will be perfect. THANKS!

  7. Leanne

    Hi Sheena! thank you so much for all your great ideas and they always go so well with the Outline for Sharing Time book! Everyone thinks I’m amazing but I know the truth! Thanks!

  8. You are so awesome to share all these things. Thank you so much for being such a big help and inspiration.

  9. I am using these ideas for Sharing time next week. I added 2 more categories to the Cranium game: Question you-where the child has to answer a question about what they have done or would do; and Detective–where I put related code cracker, minimax and double meanie. I also added Humdinger to the Creative Cat one to replace the sculpt ones. For the Tom the Turkey, I am using a pumpkin with different colored wooden spoons for the feathers. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Gina

    I love your ideas, and they are such a help! Thanks SO much for sharing! 🙂

  11. Suzanne

    I used your clipart for Tom the Service Turkey, and stuck the feathers into a pumpkin turned onto it’s side that hadn’t turned orange until now. I taped the turkey front to the “bottom” of the pumpkin. It worked really well! Thank you!!!

  12. Anonymous

    a lot is 2 words, not one. it really bothers me when people put alot instead of a lot!

  13. oh my goodness, thank you for the super ideas! I am new to primary and am at a complete loss for the Jr. Primary sharing times.

    1. You are very welcome, Nicole. Glad you like the ideas! Congrats on your new Primary calling, you’ll be great! 🙂

  14. Angi Austin

    I love your service turkey but for some reason I can’t access the game or the service handout. When I click on the link it sends me to a box page that says it doesn’t exist. Is it possible that it is just expired. I would love to get my hands on this. Let me know if there is another link I might be able to use 🙂

    Thanks so much.

    1. Sorry, Angi. My site was hacked last year and many of my files were deleted. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I will work on getting this post back up.