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On my 4th week Sharing Time idea for this month, I shared a game idea with you. I told you that I had played this game last year for Sharing Time, and said that I would share it with you. So, today I am going to do that. I used it for the theme of Service, so all the questions/scriptures have to do with service, but you could easily create your own for any theme of any month (Who knows, maybe I’ll end up doing this for some other themes to share with you).
I looked through the Sharing Time outline and found that the theme in November is Service. So, when November comes around, you can use this game if you would like.
Now for the explanation of the game:
The actual ‘Cranium’ game uses a game board, but for this I didn’t use it. I split the Primary into 2 teams. We took turns choosing a child from each team to come up and pick a card. There are different categories for the cards, they are:
Scripture Seach
Data Head
Creative Cat
Then for each category there are different things that they have to do. For Scripture search, there is a scripture reference with a question below. The child must look up the scripture and then answer the question. I think if they answered it correctly they got a point, I’m not exactly sure how I did the scoring.
For Data Head, there is a Factoid card, which is a question about service. There are also True or False questions and Multiple Choice questions.
The last category is Creative Cat. With this category the children will choose SensoSketch: drawing with your eyes closed, Sculpturade: molding the object out of clay, and Cloodle: draw the object. These were really fun to watch!
There are also some cards that say, Teacher Play! When these are chosen, the child picks a teacher that he/she wants. Then the teacher must do the task that is on the card.
Some of the cards will say, Two Team Play. When this card is chosen both teams will play head to head. The person that chose the card will play for his team, and another player from the other team is chosen to play for his team. Whichever team guesses the answer first gets the point.
I also used a sand timer/hourglass. The children only had a certain amount of time to draw/mold/act out the object and guess what the answer was. Like I said, I didn’t use a game board, but you could easily make a simple game board if you wanted to do that instead of award points for correct guesses. If they guessed correctly they could roll the dice to see how far they advanced on the board.
When I did this as my Sharing Time I began by showing them a picture of Christ and telling them that the Savior was the perfect example of Service. We talked about how Jesus served others, why service is important, and things that we can do to serve. Then, after we talked for a little while, we played Service Cranium. It was alot of fun. I left a little time at the end to remind the children the importance of service and encouraged them to serve.
So, there it is. My Service Cranium game. I hope you enjoy! And if I do have a little extra time I’ll try to make some questions for some other topics. Let me know what you think.
Click Here to view the Service Cranium Game!


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  1. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your creativity with us. I am such a busy mom, now that I have 4 and have to work outside the home from time to time. But, I have always been an inventor for my callings; it’s nice to have your helping hand for ideas, now that my brain doesn’t have the energy to go there!

  2. Thanks for this great Idea for Service Cranium. I want to do it how do I print the cards? I am Ariell’s mother in law.