Reverence is deep respect and love toward God: 3rd Week Sharing Time Idea for July 2012

Sharing Time Ideas from the 2012 Primary Outline

IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (singing a song): Prepare several string necklaces with a paper heart attached to each.  Write a key word or phrase from “Reverence is Love” (CS, 31) on each heart (for example, quietly sitting, thinking, feeling, and so on).  Invite several children to wear the necklaces.  Sing “Reverence is Love,” and ask the children with the necklaces to walk reverently to the front of the room when the word on their heart is sung.  Invite the children with the necklaces to stand in order, and sing the song again.  
ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (discussing reverence): Prepare word strips or draw simple pictures of eyes, hands, feet, ears, mouth, and mind.  Divide the children into groups, and let each group choose one or two of the word strips or pictures.  Have each group share (with words and actions) several ways this part of their body can be reverent by showing respect and love toward God.
Idea from Little LDS Ideas
Here are a few ideas for you to use for Sharing Time this week.
I like the idea for singing ‘Reverence is Love’. I think it’s a great way to have the children concentrate on what the song is saying.
If you don’t want to make necklaces, just cut out hearts and hand them to each child, tape them under chairs, or hand them out as everyone is coming in to Primary and give them to the reverent children. As the children see you handing things out they will follow the example. Just tell them they are for Sharing Time and not to lose them. 🙂
Last year I shared the idea of using a Mr. Potato head to teach about reverence (click here to read). You could definitely use Mr. Potato Head to help with the body parts. Just tell the children that Mr. Potato head is having a hard time being reverent at church. Place all the body parts into a sack. Invite a child up, one at a time, to pick a part from the sack. Have them tell you several ways that that part of the body can be reverent. 
If you don’t have a Mr. Potato Head then just cut out an outline of a body. Then have the body parts hidden around the room or in a sack. Then do the same as the Potato Head.
Another activity!
Fishing for Wiggle Worms
Here’s another idea you could use. Begin by asking the children if it’s hard to sit and be quiet. You could discuss with them why it’s hard or places that it’s ok to talk and run, etc. Then discuss how we should act at church and why. Explain to the children that when we are reverent we are showing respect and love toward God.
Tell the children that today they are going to go fishing for wiggle worms. Usually when we fish we use worms as bait, but today the worms are what we’re catching! Once all the wiggle worms are caught, we will be able to be reverent!
Usually when fishing you sit and stay quiet so you don’t scare the fish. You could use this during your activity to help the children stay quiet while fishing. Have some primary music playing in the background.
Fishing Pole: Use a large dowel or bamboo pole and attach a string. On the end of the string attach a magnet.
To make your wiggle worms: cut them out of paper, use socks or stockings filled with cotton balls, etc. get creative and fun! At the mouth of each worm place a large paper clip or something else metal. You will need to do a test run and make sure your magnet will pick up your wiggle worms. 🙂
On each wiggle worm have a body part written or attached to the worm. You could even attach some scenarios and have the children answer how they would act in a certain situation. You could attach scriptures, songs, stories, etc.
Take turns having the children ‘fish’ for wiggle worms. Once they catch a wiggle worm have them place them in a large box. You could even decorate the box and attach a sign that says ‘Do Not Open During Church!’ or something like that. Once all the wiggle worms have been caught, fold your arms and have the pianist play ‘Reverence is Love’.
Bear your testimony and encourage the children to remember to be reverent.
Handout Idea!
And if you’re looking for a cute and tasty handout. Give each child a small bag of gummy worms with a note attached that says, “I got rid of my Wiggle Worms! I can show love and respect to my Heavenly Father by being reverent!”
Have a wonderful week and a great Sharing Time!



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  1. I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog. I pinned it on pinterest because I like it so much. I have been the second counselor in my ward’s primary presidency for over half a year now and have been coming here for sharing time ideas since the beginning. I always mix your ideas and the books ideas and then make something happen with the materials I have. I just appreciate the solid ideas each time. Thank you for all the help with my calling, you make it easy! (easier)

  2. I did the potato head idea last year when I had to teach this lesson, and I’ve been wondering what I could do instead. I love the wiggle worms idea! Thanks for sharing! Once again, you’ve saved me. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing. I love the Mr. Potato head idea for junior sharing time.

  4. Sheena you’re the best! Thanks for doing this every week! You are so creative and always have great ideas to make sharing time meaningful and fun. Thank you!!!